Civil War Essay Samples

Published: 2018-05-04
Civil War Essay Samples
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The social causes of the civil war

The American Civil War is one of the most significant battles recorded in the history of America. Even today, when we look back, some people feel that, it could have been avoided if all involved parties worked together. There are many reasons why the American Civil War occurred some of which are beyond cotrol. Many historians feel that there are many economic reasons as well as social causes of the American Civil War. One of the most crucial social causes of the Civil War is slavery. According to history, the topic of American Civil War reminds people of the African slaves in the South. In fact, when people talk about American Civil War, it tends to be associated with the war against slavery. In the late 17th century, the institution of slavery had been abolished or rather had disappeared in the North. However, slavery was very common in the South. This is the main reason why the American Civil War emerged. Many Americans, especially the revolutionists had fought for the freedom of the African Americans because they wanted to see an end to slavery. However, the revolutionist failed to account for the existing slavery in the South despite campaigning for end of this institution. But it was very clear in the American constitution that slavery ought to have been banned across America. The idea was meant to promote equality. It was deemed that all men were equal, free, and liberated. However, this was not the cause and it is the main reason why the American Civil War emerged.

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Although many revolutionists were fighting and campaigning for equality and end of slavery, there was little concern from the involved parties. In fact, slaves seemed to believe that the revolutionist were just carrying out these campaigns only to impress them but not really to end slavery across America. It also appeared that the revolutionists were only giving the slaves fake promises and they did not really have an intention to end the institution. The idea of banning slavery was good because the main point to was to promote equality in the American society. Indeed, many Americans believe and still uphold that it was a noble idea. Despite many people calling for the end of slavery, many victims felt that the efforts to end this institution were being jeopardised by the very same people who purported to be saviours.

The revolutionists wanted to have a liberal society, where all men were equal. But while trying to address this topic, they seem to have completely ignored the topic of independence, especially for the African-American community. Even when America gained its independence, the hatred become real because the issue of slavery had not been addressed accordingly. There was a very serious animosity which resulted in the start of the American Civil War. The hostility became intense between the whites and the confederation.

In conclusion, the American civil war was caused by many political, economic, and social factors. Slavery was one major social factor.

List of causes of the civil war

Civil war is the most significant and squeezing period ever. The war finished and ended a very long time of subjugation in the nation and it additionally made a lot of various political and social changes. The nation was at that point tore up and torn up by the negative prevailing fashion in race relations and various instances of slave perplexities were incurring significant injury on the nation's political and social structure. There are main differences between the North and South America that lead to the eruption of civil war.

Industry vs. Farming

It is defined by the economies of large northern states .People had moved from farming to the industrial sector.Moreso people who were living in big cities like New York , Philadelphia and Boston at large. This is contrary to the southern states which had consistent large scale farming economy based on slavery. There stand on slave made the war to erupt between the two regions.

The states’ rights

The southern states had a feel that the federal government war taking their priviledges and rights .This came out after the changes made to the constitution defining the amount of powers the state should have in reference to the federal government .


After the election of Lincoln ,large number of the southern states made a decision not to be part of the united states .They had a feel that it was right for them o leave the company and become independent. When this information got to Lincoln, he sent the troops to stop the states .States including South Carolina were attacked with the essence of being stopped from leaving the United States.This made American Civil war to erupt.

Draining Kansas

The primary battling about the bondage issue occurred in Kansas. In 1854, the administration passed the Kansas-Nebraska Act enabling the occupants of Kansas to vote on whether they would be a slave state or a free state. The area was overflowed with supporters from the two sides. They battled about the issue for a considerable length of time. A few people were murdered in little clashes giving the showdown the name Bleeding Kansas. Inevitably Kansas entered the Union as a free state in 1861.

Abraham Lincoln

The last bit of trouble that will be tolerated for the South was decision of Abraham Lincoln to President of the United States. Abraham Lincoln was an individual from the new abolitionist servitude Republican Party. He figured out how to get chose without being on the ticket in ten of the southern states. The southern states felt that Lincoln was against subjugation and furthermore against the South.


As the United States kept on growing westbound, each new state added to the nation moved the power between the North and the South. Southern states started to fear they would lose so much power that they would lose every one of their rights. Each new state turned into a battleground between the two sides for control.

These were the main causes of the American civil war, though there are minor causes of these war too.

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