Essay Sample on Voluntary Nurse Turnover

Published: 2023-02-08
Essay Sample on Voluntary Nurse Turnover
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Voluntary nurse turnover is when practicing nurses leave the profession either by free will, forced circumstances, or through retirement. I choose this topic because in the recent past, it has been of concern how there has been an increased voluntary work turnover. Management in institutions and empowerment of the workforce should be focused on to reduce voluntary nurse turnover which has been causing poor services or prolonged services due to a lack of enough nurses. I choose this topic because it is usually not addressed and this is leading to disasters in the institution where nurses are needed mostly because of the rise in population across the nation and the continent at large and also the increase in chronic diseases like cancer and diabetes (Dunton, 2012). The other reason for choosing this topic is to create awareness about the problems that nurses pass through leading them to turnover.

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Turnover is an issue at our institution because there are very few nurses. Voluntary nurse turnover affects the whole continent which means that our institution has a shortage of the required number of nurses and doctors which is minimizing productivity and effectiveness. Nurses are always tired due to overworking which is leading to poor performance which at the end tints the face of the institution. There also few funds to run the institution and afford the needed infrastructure which is killing the nurses' morale. The low wages got paid to the nurses after long days of overwork is also another factor affecting the institution because there is no motivation (Tishelman, 2016). There are also low profits generated from the institution due to low work performance as patients prefer to go to private hospitals where there is perfect treatment, new and improved infrastructure as well as enough nurses which have led to low profits in our institution and the few funds given by the government leave the nurses and doctors working under very poor conditions.

The strategies would work in our organization if followed to the word. The reduction of voluntary nurse turnover would be the outcome of the fulfilment of the strategies. Good management will lead to a stronger foundation, teamwork and a stronger workforce. Teaming up with all organizations in the institution together with the patients will lead to a better working environment and understanding of all forces and the strengths and weaknesses will eventually lead to less voluntary nurse turnover. The strategies will work with the right mindset, teamwork, motivation and funding as well as the government realizing the struggles faced in the ground. With all that being looked at and attended to the strategies will work and lead the institution in the best direction.

The barriers that are in our organization are inadequate funds to put the strategies into action. There are few nurses in the institution so to achieve the maximum productivity from the strategies more nurse and other professionals from various departments should be diploid to this institution to be able to organize and allocate chores professionally. Bringing the patients on board means teaming up with the community to achieve the best. Uniting the community to understand and support the strategies may be difficult because some might not understand well and some people are different and might want different strategies or sabotage the progress and the unity of others.


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