Essay Sample Describing Characteristics of a Good Parent

Published: 2019-09-30
Essay Sample Describing Characteristics of a Good Parent
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Delineation of a virtuous individual does vary from person to person subject on whom you question. The same is factual when vexing to describe a noble parent. It is an aptitude from God to become a virtuous parent and gods largesse has to be utilized in a noble way. The childs comportments will be contingent on the parents ways of upkeep (Visser, Bolt & van 2015). It is a very imperative onus for the parents to ensure that their children receive the best care in the world. It is also a big responsibility for a humanoid being to be the best parent. The essay, therefore, seeks to illustrate the qualities of a good parent.

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Nonetheless, there are specific generalities of a noble parent that exist amongst the American People. Parents ought to obligate the foundation of love whereby they truly care about the kids (Richins & Chaplin, 2015). The provision of attention and affection to the kids are the most imperative traits a parent can have. Parents also need to be able to craft and sustain an upright family milieu. The possession of capital and resources to be able to bring up the baby for the years to come after delivery is just but a small portion of this. A perfect parent ought to also be a moral person (Louis & Louis, 2015). Parents must be capable of taking care of themselves and have the overall physiognomies of care, patience, understanding and responsibility. Good parents are those who can afford love, life requirements for the youngsters and themselves.

Parents are said to be good parents only after evaluating how they have brought up their children. Parents ought to bring up the children with exquisite discipline (Visser, Bolt & van 2015). Discipline, in essence, does not mean that they have to punish the kids for each and every gaffe they commit as it is a common trend that children make some mistakes in life. What a parent needs to do is just to educate the kids on the wrongs and goods in such a way they can understand. Emancipation of penance will never aid them in any way but will instead spawn more problems (Richins & Chaplin, 2015). Progenies will cultivate hatred towards their parentages because of the penance administered to them. With this, it is, therefore, the obligation of the noble parents to impart the kids about what is good and bad.

It is never a cool task to bring up children (Ogden, 2014). The parents need a lot of patience and more so during the early childhood of the kids. Patience is one of the qualities that a good parent must possess. At the present world, parents, father and mother have to work for long hours to ensure blissful life for their families. However, this ought not to affect the kids in any way. At least, finding chance to spend time every day with their children is of utmost importance. Otherwise, the children will feel neglected by the parents. Spending time with the kids is an attribute a good parent does possess.

Most people think that providing the children with what they need will make them accomplish their duty as a parent. That is not factual. The delight of the kids depends on the attention they get from the parents (Ogden, 2014). Parents ought to be friends with the children. They need to discuss and evaluate everything with the kids. So far, a good parent should ensure that love and care for his children are in abundance (Louis & Louis, 2015).


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