To ID or Not To ID by Cal Thomas, Free Essay Analysis

Published: 2018-09-05
To ID or Not To ID by Cal Thomas, Free Essay Analysis
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Race Discrimination

Every citizen of whatever country has the right to elect whomever they wish to be their leader (Carter). America is no different. This process should be without any discrimination of the race, social status, and even ethnicity. Democracy should rule out everything. High levels of integrity and consistency should be observed

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I consider Thomas Cals argument as not accurate at all. Voter’s identification cards so far have not proved as a barrier in rigging elections in any way. Look at most African countries; they are a good example here. Despite the fact that every voter has an identification card there are still high cases of rigging elections, which is the usually leading cause of post-election violence. America, we are way better than that. Ghost and dead voters will still exist even after identification cards. This is because the identifications will not be buried together

I would agree and argue that as said the identification cards would promote discrimination of the highest level. This is in many ways than one. In America today there exist only two political parties. Facts have it that, Democrats have more blacks than the Republicans. Time has proven that it is easier for whites to get identification cards more than the blacks. This is because corruption still reigns in our society today and more needs to be done. This, therefore, would mean that one party would be favored against the other. The fact that many foreign looking people be required to continually prove their citizenship is on own devastating and humiliating at the same time. What would happen to a lost id just a day before the election? The right to vote will have been taken away from someone. Even though the voter’s identification cards could be freely obtained, the process would require a lengthy procedure in digging out information concerning the electorate. This is also tedious and discouraging to others who may not have a lot of free time to so.

After several instances of terrorism, it was passed that everyone needed to have an identification card. Even though this was passed, we still experienced a lot of incidences of terrorism proving that identification cards were not a solution terrorism in any way (Banks, Antoine and Heather). In our airports, today passengers are required to have a proper identification card and a passport but still we have had many foreigners smuggling drugs through the same airports into the country. These two instances are a clear proof of that a voter’s identification card will not solve election rigging

To sum up, identification cards are a whole junk of mess in our society. They just bind citizen down to laws and regulations but yet do no prove useful in any manner whatsoever. Elections are meant to be free and fair hence the government should be keen on the laws it imposes on its citizens. It is a constitutional mandate of the government to ensure the safety and comfort of each citizen while exercising their right.

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