Free Essay on Long Distant Relationships

Published: 2019-06-05
Free Essay on Long Distant Relationships
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I will wait until he completes his scholarship are some of the phrases that are heard in the society when an individual gets a scholarship in a foreign country. In the modern life, women have sought for their rights and many countries have provided them with the rights. This has led to many educated women who get jobs in any part of the world considering the globalized world. Studies are some of the other issues that separate people in relationships. One thing that those who believe that they can wait for their partners to return from their work country or college do not tell is how long they can wait for their partners. For many, long distant relationships do not exist since they do not work. This paper is for the support of the argument that long distant relationships exist and actually work.

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In the first place, long distant relationships strengthen the relationship between two individuals. In the current society, differences between couples make them stay in the same room, without communicating to each other. This adversely affects the relationship. In a long distant relationship, individuals communicate quite often. There are various methods of communicating and they include emails, messages and Skype. Research has shown that when people communicate through the internet, they are more willing to reveal personal issues than when communicating face to face. When couples discuss such personal information through social media and Skype, they are likely to develop greater intimacy and this deepens their relationship (Day, 56).

The long distant relationships are more like a test period for a couple. It is not a smooth journey when two young individuals are in a distant relationship. However, the distant creates the urge of meeting and whenever they meet, they are happy with each other and spend quality time with each other. The survival of a long distant relationship creates a better relationship because it is a prove to the parties in the relationship that they can even survive more turbulent times in the relationships. This is as opposed to relationships where individuals are close to each other on a daily basis. In such relationships, quarrels usually occur and individuals never spend quality time with each other regardless of being close to each other all the time. Such relationships lead to boredom and have greater chances of breaking.

In long distant relationships, the parties are not under pressure to adjust to what the other partner expects. It gives individuals more time to learn each other while still retaining ones personality. It means that one can stay for a week without shaving, wear a cloth of their choice and fail to brush their shoe without being pressurized. When people in relationships live close to each other, they are under pressure to adjust to the lifestyle of their partner. Since they may not adjust easily and may feel that they are unfairly treated, conflicts arise that may lead to end of relationships.

The long distant relationships educate the partners in the relationship the importance of having an effective communication. Whenever the individuals communicate, they discuss real issues that affect them and in case there are problems, they try as much as possible to solve the issues to ensure that their relationships remain strong. This is as opposed to relationships that involve people living close to each other. Such individuals do not appreciate the importance of communication and may not deal with real issues affecting them (Tiger,48). This is why such individuals may end up separating due to the fact that they have not been able to solve their conflicts effectively through communication.

Some individuals enter into relationships when they are not committed. This is why when they are separated for a short period, one party starts going away from the relationship. These are the relationships that break and many would appreciate that such relationships come to an end. The fact is that in every relationship, commitment of both parties is very crucial. When in a long distant relationship, commitment is required because one has to set time to chat with each other and also meet with each other physically. When individuals are not in a long distant relationship, a relationship may survive for a longer period even if one of the individuals is not committed to the relationship. The effects of this are the suffering of one of the parties to the relationship up to a certain time when such a party cannot cope anymore. It is better that a relationship ends before one party is fully committed as long as they do not suffer when such a relationship ends. However, pretence in short distant relationships greatly affect the parties that are committed to relationships since the relationships end too late.

Relationships are meant to ensure that individuals support each other all the time. Relationships that ensure that individuals live together make one party too dependent on each other. This makes the relationship lose its meaning as individuals lose the unique characteristics that attracted their partners (Butler, 38). On the other hand, long distant relationships makes the partners in the relationship independent and since they retain their uniqueness, the urge to be close to each other grow and a mutual benefit is assured when the partners live together.

Some individuals argue that cheating in a long distant relationship is more likely to bring a relationship to an end. This argument is unreasonable since individuals cheat even when close to their partners. The personality of an individual is what matters in this case. Long distant partners have the option of meeting from time to time and there is nothing that can entice them to be promiscuous just because they are in long distant relationships (Butler, 71). Additionally, people engaging in promiscuity while in a long distant relationship may not adversely affect their relationship as long as their partner does not know. However, promiscuity while close to a partner leads to end of relationship since it is more likely that the other party to the relationship will get to know.

In conclusion, long distant relationships work effectively and are the best considering the modern life. Partners have to learn in different schools and even work in various parts of the world. Technology has helped bridge this gap in a significant way since individuals can easily travel, as well as communicate with their partners at a time of their choice. The long distant relationships act as a test for the individuals in the relationship. If they survive such a time, they can be assured that their relationship will last forever. Relationships that are not meant to be break easily when a distance is created. However, serious relationships become stronger when a distance is created. It is therefore true that long distant relationships exist and are the foundation for stronger relationships.

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