Blood Done Sign My Name - Literary Essay Sample on the Book

Published: 2019-04-18
Blood Done Sign My Name - Literary Essay Sample on the Book
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We realize that in the book, Blood Done Sign My Name, Tim recounts his resolution to get back to Oxford and narrate his episodes. The narrative becomes a Master Thesis then later the name changes to a Blood Done Sign My Name. The book happens to be a memoir of what conspired in the 1970 race murder. It also remembers the subsequent violence which occurred in Oxford. The civil rights movement happened to be in the full flower in the 1950s which led to boycotts and riots. It came with the “white backlash” which was all about deep conflict concerning the ideals of racial inequality. The civil rights movement and the voting right acts ensured that equality was restored and that both white and black Americans embraced the spirit of togetherness, something which soared the rivalry and increased racism in the country. By definition, the ‘white backlash’ refers to white Americans hostile reactions towards advances about the voting rights act and the civil rights movement. There were others who got inspired by the perspectives of Tyson. Among them were Richard Nixon, Jesse Helms, Strom Thurmond, Newt Gingrich, and Trent Lott.

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Golden Frinks happened to be an agitator who is silver-tongued and had a job of keeping populace of the black eyes on the prize. He happens to organize a friendly match with the intention of rallying in Raleigh. This occurs at the time when the young vet’s murderers were declared not guilty by a jury even though there were several testimonies of eyewitnesses. It is, however, true that while the vocal enemies of Luther King Jr. used words to thwart the goals he had, the silent has transformed him into a kind of black Santa Claus. He has been employed as a good vessel which can be filled with any kind of generic wishes that any occasion would dictate. 1898 was the time when the moments when the Tysons went to Wilmington, N.C. it is also at this period when the status of the Confederate generals got onto the street corners. There was also a chasm in the history of American races. The heart of the matter here is the omission of history. There are also the race massacres and murders that stained the American fabrics.

According to Tyson, the location in which they were located is termed as the South. However, it was divided into two distinct parts due to the existing beliefs. One part of this south believed that there was a necessity of having violence to ensure that action is achieved. On the contrary, the other half which included Tyson’s family thought that it was important to have racial equality. They also believed that violence should not be the primary reason for promoting equality. Uncle Earl was a preacher who happened to be vocal and could not stop advocating for social justice. Like other families of the Southern half that advocated for equality, he was confident about Tyson's quest.

The assassination of King led to increased anger among the black Americans. The period was one of a national mourning which helped in speeding the issue of equal housing bills. Even the black nationalists that had condemned King’s advocacy concerning non-violence felt the need to carry out demonstrations following King’s death. The Jim Crow era is one that was characterized by migration of the blacks as a form of protest. This process is described as the great migration. African Americans also got employed in industries and areas of trade. There was also the development of black fraternities in which life improved a little bit for the African Americans. The killing of Marrow led to a lot of demonstrations that prompted the Civil Rights Movement. This was after passing the federal legislation geared towards ending the enforcement of voting rights. During the trial, it was only white judges that got picked. This doesn’t shock me, owing to the kind of society that existed back then. The judges returned a verdict which claimed that the accused was not guilty on the counts.

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