The Politics of Implementation - Free Essay with an Article Analysis

Published: 2018-12-28
The Politics of Implementation - Free Essay with an Article Analysis
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The article of Victor Wooddell

The article on The Politics of Implementation by Victor Wooddell discusses the importance of building consensus on employee performance and management. The project was set to assure the strategic alignment of goals in an organization by addressing the city delivery of services through the leadership of the mayor. The employees had different demographic characteristics regarding race, education, residency, and socio-economic background. The project took place citywide for a whole year which showed employee performance from all city departments. The supervisors went through some training workshop on process management and communication and feedback techniques.

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The project found various issues and problems. They included a short first-year time frame for employees to achieve competency, failure to understand the scale of the project, shortage in staff to carry out the project, longer time in labor negotiations, poor employee motivation and compensation and poor city counsel. The project found various lessons to be learned including. One was to plan enough programming time, piloting test the project, hiring enough staff, putting more considerations o the compensation issue and finding consensus

On democratic management and democracy, the project discovered that it is necessary to achieve consensus to build a common vision, especially where organizations exist in a political environment. Governments which are vulnerable to political pressure and for this reason they need to reach out for consensus with the opposition for an opportunity to develop the organization. In human resources management, an agreement is paramount to all stakeholders. The article identified various lessons in organization development and government. Government institutions are affected by the existing systems, equity level, believe in the existing government and society civilization.

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