The Natural by Bernard Malamud - A Free Literary Essay

Published: 2020-04-28 10:21:59
The Natural by Bernard Malamud - A Free Literary Essay
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Part 1:A discussion based on pre-game In the novel Malamud portrays the enthusiastic and considerably self-centered boy Roy to be a person who has been raised in a manner as though he actually is brought up in the forest. Roy as per the story has fear for birds and attaches his fate to them presenting them as a bad omen for him. This part can explain as to why he has a bat for a pet and would not leave it even in the travels. The young man is raised in an environment where he cannot without a stretch attain his dream of being the champion in the Baseball and has to get help from the elite side of the world. All the happenings in his life relate to anyone who could have been brought up in the forest where the juggle rules of survival for the fittest apply. In the whole of his entire life and playing life, Roy works in this rule. May be the reason, though accidentally, he could kill his competitor and father figure; Sam, in order to remain the standing hero. The key difference is that unlike in the forest, Roy has mentors and people ready to help him grow in his game and life as a whole.

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As part of what the presumed heroes in this novel and specifically in this part of the novel, it is clear that for all i. e. Roy, Sam and the Whammer, they all have to move from place to the other in search of a fulfillment in their future, they all want to be heroes. In spite that Roy and Sam not really being the best players in baseball, they have been regarded as heroes and to prove this they have to board innumerable trains to attain that. A state that corresponds to the statement of discussion that Parvizal travels in search of his future as a knight.

The discussion statement Parzivals mother advises him not to ask questions used in the question relate to the character of portrayed by Roy. Although he is aware that he does not understand what Harriet wants he also does not ask her to expound on it and at last he is paying for this with his life. He is not able to take away his pride and desires away to learn on what could be better than his desires. Roy allows his passionate lust for women to carry him away during his conversation with Harriet the bird girl and can only express his dream of being the best baseball player the ever would be. Only obsessed by his heroic dream, maybe he thought why ask questions when you can evade the answers? . This destroys him

The statement that Parzival is a naive, simple fool can be justified in this section of the novel through keen look into the lives of Roy, Sam and Whammer. Their death and the circumstances thereof portray them as individuals who suffer out of lack of knowledge. S am though it is accidental could not see the enthusiasm that was portrayed by Roy in his quest for success and in his ignorance he engages him to a game which leads to his hurt and eventually to his death. If he had realized this unbeatable urge to win he couldnt have suggested that they have a contest between themselves. The next character is Roy who is fooled by lust to see the real motives of Harriet and a result he is shot even before he plays the match.

Part II

The significance of these parts stated move to Roys trainer and father like figure which in the various instances is proud of training young players and will take as many risks as possible to prove their ability just as in the case where Sam is boasting about Roy to Whammer. He is concerned too much about Roy that he forgets that he is supposed to take care of himself, and ended up being hit, fatally injured and later dead.

Part III&IV based on the Battle-up part of the novel

The part that compares to Parzivals experience is that of Roy at the New York Knights club where, he helps the club to get to its top through his good performance and also his encounter with Bumb as the fight for the lead in the team and also for the girlfriend Memo. This leads to a vigorous attempt to outdo Roy making him to hit his skull too bad that he died from the hurt. In this fight Bump dies living Memo who Roy has to chase for a good period of time in order to get her attention. The encounter of Roy and the fortuneteller where he gets an advice to forsake his old time fortune bat and try a new one and his encounter with Iris is a complete similarity of the presented case of discussion about Parzivals encounter of a hermit.

The usual behavior of Roy not to ask questions leads to a relationship between him and a grandmother. Although he did not understand what Iris was saying, he couldnt ask and later comes to learn the truth of her when he is far gone into the relationship, even to the level of impregnating her.

Throughout this part of the Novel, Roy realizes that he has been following wrong desires and gives up on big pay from New York knight and also on Memo. Although all through Roy has had a great attraction to women, he finds that the request of Memo is an unrealistic and completely demanding and gives up on her giving her, a situation that ends them in a fight where Memo insults Roy.

Part V: Personal hero

My personal hero is one late president Nelson Mandela who was a politician in South Africa. Mandela portrayed a figure for unity, forgiveness, poverty eradication and also freedom at the same time. During his life time he fought racism in South Africa and also had a kind heart for the children ad at some point in life he worn the Worlds childrens prize back in 2005. Mandela was a man strong and persistent in his goals for his country.

Among the, many virtues that I hold dear and which I cherish fro Mandela is his type of politics that he played in his days. Peaceful and true politics with actions and less wording. He led by example by establishing a farm to cultivate and leading in the countries economical activities. Nelson also ensured that the war amongst the South Africans on basis of racial grounds came to an end and that the citizens could finally leave at peace. Mandela is a perfect modern day model for a peace maker recognized in the globe something I dearly admire about him. At his retirement, Mandela went on a voluntary retirement from presidency, a practice rare to find in the African leaders who want to die in leadership. These values make me to look on his practices. He is truly a hero.

The media at large has portrayed Mandela as an individual that all members of the world should emulate. A selfless leader and a freedom fighter. This fact ahs put more confidence in him in as far as political mentorship is concerned. Media has carried out campaigns and heated debates to stress on his virtues and have continuously encouraged my point of looking up to him.


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