Free Botanists Essay Example

Published: 2020-03-30
Free Botanists Essay Example
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Botany is a branch of biology that involves a lot of scientific disciplines such as microbiology, pathology, and chemistry. Botany can be defined as the scientific and systematic study of plants. Therefore, botanists are simply scientists who study aspects of plant biology or plant science. A botanist covers sciences that cater for studies in plant life such as chemical derivatives in pants and photochemistry (chemical reactions) (Mason, 2015).

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Where do they work?

Botanists apply their knowledge in fields such as agriculture, horticulture, management and conservation of natural resources, biotechnology, medicine, ad forestry. Botanists work in offices, field, laboratories, and with other life scientists. They may also work in remote areas when performing research or documenting plant species (, 2015).

What do they study?

Botanists study the mechanisms and process of plant parts and taxonomy which can be identified as the science of naming, classifying, and describing organisms. While majoring in botany, one can specialize in related field such as; forest botany, forensic botany, plant pathologist, economic botany, and marine botany. For someone studying botany, the subjects to perform well in school include; biology-related subjects and chemistry. Professional jobs in botany usually require extensive experience and a completion of a bachelors degree (, 2015)

What questions do botanists ask?

Thinking like a botanist will make one derive questions such as; how do plants change throughout the season? While observing plants and looking at their composition, how do trees look lie in winter? Why do plants not photosynthesize in artificial light? What are the causes and effect of plant growth and development? These are examples of questions that botanists ask themselves during their desire and understanding of everything about plants (, 2015).

What kind of methods do they use?

Botanists do experiments in order to determine how plants convert the simple chemical compound into composite chemicals. Therefore, they use microscopes to observe the structure of plant cells. In addition, on sites or during field works, they use excavation techniques to recover and further study ancient plant remains. They may even study the DNA of the plants development (Johnston, 2015;, 2015).

Why is their research important?

The results or findings of botanical research are important as they improve and increase the supply of medicines, plant products, fibers, foods, and building materials (, 2015).

Who uses the results of this research?

The results of botanical research are basically used by everyone, for instance, in the supply of medicines, building materials, and food products. Additionally, environmental protection professionals and public health depend on plant science to help solve the problem of pollution (, 2015).

Who is affected by the results?

As mentioned, the public, government bodies, medical practitioners, food manufacturing companies, environmental protection professionals, building companies, and many more are affected by the findings of botanical research. This depicts the need for botanical research in all aspects of life in understanding and solving issues (, 2015).

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