Racial Discrimination at Places of Work - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-12-15
Racial Discrimination at Places of Work - Essay Sample
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Discrimination has become more common than it should have been, and, it is no exception to places of work. Employees have been treated unfairly due to reasons of difference in sex, skin color, religion, age, and, ethnicity etcetera (Bhusal, 2017).

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Racial discrimination is unfair treatment of a person or group of people based on their skin color or ethnicity (Bhusal, 2017). For example, when an individual of an English origin applies for a job as a human resource manager and the person in question is turned downed by his prospective employer because of his accent despite having all the qualities required for the job. Ideally, this is an abuse of the law that forbids discrimination against a job applicant because of the person’s race.

The federal law has taken affirmative actions that makes it clear that no current or former employee should be treated unfairly because of their ethnic origin or skin color. It is illegal. Case in study, in the 1964 Civil Rights Act, its illegal to choose sides in areas of employment on the basis of gender, sex, religion, race, and, ethnicity etcetera. Besides, this is further backed up by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) (Schabas, 2017).

For a positive healthier and happier environment, Institutions should put forth measures to combat discrimination at places of work. Educating employees on diversity is vital and all workers should know that racial prejudice is anything from a missed job promotion grounded on ethnicity. It is also important to prevent prejudice on the account of race by educating inclusion as organizational values. Besides, it is important to create policies against discrimination at work places. Policies that will ensure everyone is included despite their skin color/ ethnicity etcetera. Acts of racial discrimination should be punished severely and not taken lightly (Bhusal, 2017). Furthermore, team-building sessions should be held regularly to boost the relationship between employees thus creating a positive work atmosphere.

International law has made significant strides in elimination of discrimination in places of work. Also, International agencies have driven the search for effecting equality. Federal legislatures have acknowledged these views as compulsory international norms.

The international law stakeholders have undertaken measures to eliminate any racial discrimination throughout the world. The international law particularly condemns racial segregation and undertake strict measures to prevent and eradicate all practices of this nature with the help of the laws such as International Convention on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (ICERD), formulated in the 1965 (Schabas, 2017). The international law allows employees to be cushioned against any danger that comes with reporting a complaint of discrimination, when they participate in a discrimination investigation or lawsuit, or when they oppose discrimination.

Actions have been made forth to see to it that the international law to work effectively including, making sure workers are comfortable with discussing their concerns with their superiors. It is important that employees feel safe when they bringing up matters of discrimination. Any case concerning employment discrimination based on things such as race has been made sure to be solved in justice and in completion.

The main difference between international and federal law is that international law deals with employees worldwide while federal law is applying only to employees within the constrictions of a given country and is authored in accordance to the particular states law (Schabas, 2017). The monist view generally asserts that international law prevails over federal law. When looking into international law and federal law, it is important to analyze that the two co-exist each other.


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