Free Paper with a Case Study of Therapeutic Recreation Service Model Application

Published: 2022-06-22
Free Paper with a Case Study of Therapeutic Recreation Service Model Application
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Therapeutic Recreation Service Model Application to Mary

Therapeutic recreation is a treatment approach that is designed to rehabilitate, restore and remediate an individual level of functioning and self-independence to promote good health and eliminate any possible limitation to participation in general community life and activities (Stumbo & Peterson, 2004). The health promotion model is the best recreation therapy for Mary because of her spina bifida condition and the cholecystostomy surgery which she has undergone recently. The health promotion model will help Mary to recover from the surgery and also lead a better life. The health promotion model requires the creation of post-surgery management to ensure that the surgical wounds do not get infected (Rimmer, 1999). Besides, Mary is gaining weight due to being constrained in the wheelchair and watching television. The health promotion model will require the creation of a physical exercise routine to improve Mary's life to ensure that she leads a better life.

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The Effects of Mary Condition/Limitations it imposes on the Individual

Spina bifida is a condition that that causes functional limitations on the patient due to the malformation of the backbone. Spina bifida affects Mary both physically and emotionally and limits her participation in recreation activities as a normal person could. Social limitation due to segregation is noted in the case of Mary which forces her to stay in the house and watch television which is to blame for her increase in weight. Mary's spina bifida condition causes her attitudinal barriers ranging from the negative behavior of keeping a social distance which is evidenced in her addiction to television watching.

The Role of Therapeutic Recreation at Each of the Four Service Goals of the Model


Therapeutic recreation plays a significant role in patient rehabilitation to ensure that a person with the disability such as Mary leads a normal life. The therapeutic recreation provides physical activities and education which improves patient rehabilitation.


Therapeutic recreation advocates for education to change the behavioral and attitudinal limitations caused by physical disability to ensure that a patient leads a normal life. In this case, Mary is faced with behavioral limitations which can only be overcome through education.

Health Promotion/Prevention

Therapeutic promotion advocates for holistic care of the patient to promote health and well-being of the patient. Therapeutic recreation creates the need for special diet, physical activity and health education which are necessary for promoting health and preventing certain health problems such as cardiovascular diseases (Rimmer, 1999).


Assessment ensures a better understanding of the patient and helps create holistic interventions that are evidence-based. In this case, it is only through assessment of Mary's behavior that one can establish the pertinent health issues affecting her.

Possible Therapeutic Recreation Interventions, Risk Management Concerns, Leadership Techniques, Adaptations and Desired Outcomes for each Service Goal


A good therapeutic recreation for patient rehabilitation require physical interaction with the patient to ensure a holistic assessment and create holistic interventions. Therapeutic recreation intervention requires the health provider to interact with the patient in their living environment which will ensure proper assessment (Stumbo & Peterson, 2004). Through the interaction with the patient in their environment promotes risk management in assessment by avoiding any possible bias. Mary's health promotion through rehabilitation will require physical activity, counseling and diet intervention to improve her health. The desired outcomes will be to increase Mary's self-confidence and promote weight management which could protect her from cardiovascular problems.


Patient education is an integral part of the therapeutic recreation in that it will change Mary's behavior. Through education, Mary will identify positive health practices such as exercising and community participation. The challenges of achieving the education goal include intrinsic limitation by the client. However, direct interaction and communication with the patient will help identify Mary's worries and ensure positive reception and perception from Mary. The outcomes of this goals are to change Mary's behavior by educating her about the importance of a balanced diet, physical activities and regular health check-up.

Health Promotion

Health promotion is an essential aspect of the health promotion model service goals. The possible recreation intervention will be physical activities, balanced diet, post-surgery management and community participation. The physical activities and balanced diet will help Mary to manage her weight while post-surgical management will improve the healing of the surgical wound. Community participation will ensure that Mary leads a positive life in the community and ensures her holistic wellbeing (Caldwell, 2005).


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