Essay Sample on Childhood - Growing Up

Published: 2023-03-29
Essay Sample on Childhood - Growing Up
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The first day in school became my remarkable childhood memory. My immediate encounter with other school kids improved my developmental process. My experience with other children in school improved my social skills because I was able to increase the number of friends.

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My vivid childhood trip was a visit to an airport. In 1960, my father took me to a nearby airport. It was a fascinating thing to see an airplane under the age of 10 years.

Massive street demonstrations arranged by feminists in New York and Washington DC became my historical memory. The demonstrations were then followed by a period of Cold War between the Soviet Union, the United States of America, and their close allies. I remember when many people lost their lives due to demonstrations conducted by American feminists and activists.

During my childhood development, I feared that another World War will emerge due to the tension created by the Cold War. I feared wars because my father had told me how about the death of his two elder brothers during the Second World War. I was afraid of losing my close relatives and witnessing bloodshed in the United States of America. Since I was five years old, my early childhood teacher was advising us on the importance of peace.

When I was ten 12 years old, my parents would leave me at home to stay with my siblings during the holidays. As a firstborn in the family, I was responsible for cooking, cleaning our three-bedroom house, and looking after my siblings. I hated being in charge of the homestead when our parents were away because one of my brothers was so rude to me.

During my childhood development stage, evening hours were preserved for storytelling activities. My father used to tell me stories about historical events like the First and Second World based on their experiences. My grandmother was also a good storyteller. The grandmother had turmoil experiences because my grandfather died during the First World War.

My mother usually assigned me with various household chores because I was the eldest child. I performed various mundane activities like cleaning our house and watering flowers. Also, I prepared meals for my siblings when our parents were away from home.

I enjoyed celebrating social events like Passover holidays, weddings, birthday parties, Thanks Giving celebrations, and graduations. I loved my parents because they usually arranged for our birthday parties. I like birthday parties because I normally receive various gifts my parents, relatives, and close friends.

I remember how I used to walk for almost one hour to school. Waking up early in the morning was a great challenge that stressed me so much during school days. Also, I remember the great motivation from our English teacher on the importance of peace and unity in the United States of America.

Young Adulthood

As a young adult, I dated like other people because it was considered a developmental stage in life. I started to date after attaining 18 years. I was aware of the consequences that may result due to premature dating. During dates, I normally invited my partner for my birthday parties and attend hers. Also, I normally took my partner for dinner in a hotel. During dates, we ate delicious food and drink some coffee or soda.

During my first election, I voted for President Ronald Reagan. I voted for him because of his ability to introduce conservative and conservatism policies in the United States of America. As a Republican nominee, Reagan's manifesto was to promote democracy and equality in the United States.

In 1980, I got married to my lovely and beautiful wife. I still recall all the activities during our wedding day which was attended by a large number of people. I remember the advice given to me and my wife by our church pastors during the wedding day. The pastor emphasized unity, understanding, determination, loyalty, and respect. Also, my parents motivated me on the importance of being hardworking and honest throughout our marital life.

God has blessed us with four children; two sons and two daughters. We got our firstborn son in 1984. Our second-born daughter was born in 1987. The other son and daughter are twins who were born in 1990. I love my wife and children so much because they normally respect me as the head of the family. Also, I like spending free time with my family because they are the source of happiness in my life.

As a young parent, I gained various leadership and social skills because my wife and children depended on me for guidance and motivation. I normally consulted my parents for their advice before making crucial decisions that affected my family. In this case, my parenting skills developed as a result of close contact with my parents. Parenting has changed for the last two decades due to civilization and the introduction of technology. Previously, parents influenced the lives of their children. Currently, the advancement in technology has resulted in changes in parenting styles because parents no longer determine the lives of their children. Also, parents do not have enough time to spend with their growing children; therefore, leaving many parenting responsibilities to be undertaken by teachers.

I am an English teacher and a professional academic writer. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English and Literature in 1977 and got employed in 1979. Throughout my teaching career, I have influenced many students to remain focused and hardworking to attain their goals in life.

I faced a lot of challenges during my early adulthood life. Despite all the challenges and hardships, I managed to buy a car at the age of 32 years. In 1995, I was engaged in a serious road accident. The incident was a serious tragedy to me because I went to come for more than a week after being operated. After the coma, I took more than six months in hospitals while recovering. The medical bill increased and I was forced to sell my car to cover all expenses. My wife was so depressed because of the state of my health. I thank her for being understanding and caring to me.

Later Adulthood

I have traveled to different countries in Europe, Africa, and Asia. I have lived in Canada for more than 4 years. My wife is Canadian and we met when I was doing business before getting employed as a high school teacher. After my university studies, I traveled to my uncle's place in Canada and join him in his business. Some of my extended family members lived in Canada. It is during my stay in Canada that I met a lovely wife before moving with her to the United States of America.

My grandparents emigrated from Canada. The outbreak of the First World War resulted in serious turmoil that affected national security in Canada; therefore, forcing my grandparents to move to the United States. My grandparents moved with their two children, but one eldest son was left in Canada. My father was born in 1920, just after the end of World War I.

I have decided to devote the rest of my life to Christ. I want to serve God by participating in various religious activities and events arranged in our church. I will live in the United States for the rest of my life because I like the political structure and leadership styles. Also, I prefer spending the rest of my life in the United States because it is secure. After I retire, I want to start an organization that will provide humanitarian services to orphans, disabled, and poor people in my community. I aim to promote the equality of all people by improving the living conditions of the needy groups.

I have met many people and made a close friendships with some of them because of their characters and personalities. One of my college friends has influenced my life so much because of his physical and emotional support. Currently, he is a marketing coordinator at Walmart Company. We have been assisting each other, especially in business activities. He is an understanding and supportive person to me.

I am satisfied with my living arrangements. My style was influenced by my father because he has been motivating me on the importance of being satisfied with what I have. Also, my parents encouraged me about the importance of changing the community by helping the needy. I feel that my living arrangement is satisfactory because God has blessed my children. My arrangement to establish a supportive organization makes my life satisfactory. I desire to help other people and promote humanity in the United States of America.

Since I retired, I have adjusted my living standard to support other people and serve God. Also, I have abandoned academic and article-writing activities to have enough time for interacting with needy people. Adjusting my standard of living is important in helping other people and changing society. I believe that there is no success without sacrifice. In this case, I sacrifice the time I could have spent with my family to advocate for the rights of needy people.

I am a devoted Christian with appropriate life principles. I do not take any alcoholic drinks nor smoke cigarettes because I know their health effects. I participate actively in social activities like cleaning and arranging our church. Also, I have a personal gymnasium at my house. I attend the gym every morning before starting my daily activities. Physical exercises are important in reducing the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and other conditions related to inactivity. During some of my leisure time, I attend public health conferences and seminars conducted by our state government.

All my children are married off and blessed with children. I am happy because my children are living well with their partners. I have 10 grandchildren; six grandsons and four granddaughters. The firstborn of my eldest son is pursuing a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery. I like interacting with my grandchildren during the holiday season.

I normally communicate with my children through calls on weekends when they are off from their jobs. Our children usually visit us in our homes because they live in different cities. In most cases, I meet my children once in a month. Also, my children come to support the processes of improving the living standards of the needy people in our local community. We have created a family WhatsApp for communication. I contact with my grandchildren during holidays when schools and colleges are closed. Contacting my close relatives like brothers and sisters has been easy for me because we live in the same locality. I often meet with my brothers to discuss important issues affecting our family and how to remain united.

I want to encourage my grandchildren to devote their lives to Jesus and participate actively in religious activities. My children were not able to do that because they majorly focused on their lives and academic performances. I am determined to influence the lives of my grandchildren towards God and the community. Also, my children do not prioritize the needs of other people like the poor, disabled, and orphans in society.

I am interested in changing society by assisting other people. I normally motivate young adults and teenagers on how to remain focused in life. My main interest is to improve the living standards of many people by ensuring the provision of appropriate medical care, education, and other social services.

My hobbies include playing football, listening to Indian traditional songs, reading spiritual phrases, and developing motivational quotes. Football is my best game and I have formed a local team that trains local children. Through football, I have enabled many young people to attaint achieve their dreams in life. I am a fan of Arsenal, one of the English Premier League giants team.

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