Free Essay on the Race Issue in Today America

Published: 2018-02-04
Free Essay on the Race Issue in Today America
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Race relations in America today

The particular perspective that I have chosen to analyze is race in America. Over the years, the subject of racism has been a controversial issue. The problem of different races began during slavery. Apparently, the gap between African-Americans and whites is broad. It is the responsibility for every individual to bring justice to all the minority groups because everyone deserves equality. The analysis below covers the core benefits and fundamental disagreements that surround the topic of race in America.

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The underlying interests that account for why individuals hold the perspective comes down to the subject of social forces that play out in response to public and private decisions. It is believable that people of the same race or ethnic background dominate most of the American social networks. For instance, Donald Trump’s victory got many people talking about his comments, which brings racial divides. Evidently, his various speeches raise the question of equality among black folks. The major question is will he help the minorities or focus on white individuals? The only hope is that he will manage to curb the issue of race and come up with plausible policies that will keep the minorities safe.

Race issues in America today

One example of how race plays a significant role in our society is the deficiency of funding, teachers and educational materials in African-American schools. More so, the unemployment rates among blacks are high compared to white counterparts. More so, correctional facilities are overcrowded with black individuals. On a large note, the justice system does not seem to do its job efficiently. Americans need to open their eyes to the reality that race is an issue that brings disrest to the society. A recent documentary on CNN by Lisa Ling depicting black males in jail opened my eyes to the real suffering that minorities endure. Seemingly, black men lack the quality education to improve their lives. Even so, McElwee, Rhodes and Schaffner (2016) from the Washington Post assert that it is evident both African-Americans and whites are divided at either a political party of every level of prosperity. If the federal government can grant equal opportunities to both blacks and whites, minorities may have a decent life and fend for their families without indulging in crime.

On the other hand, the fundamental disagreements between those who hold the perspective and those who keep competing views are the divide between minorities and majority groups. For instance, those who hold the perspective feel that racism brings discomfort and inequality in the community. On the contrary, those who hold competing perspectives feel that minorities do not deserve a place in the American societies. For example, the President elect’s campaign speech was full of racism utterances. On one occasion, he mentioned that blacks have nothing to lose because they live in poverty, have minimal education, and have no jobs. Noticeably, such utterances make one ask their self if the issue of race will ever end in America. Recently, Noel Pearson assessed ABC and stated that the broadcaster was a miserable individual obsessed with the poverty and dysfunction of his people in a racist organization. Sally Jackson, the manager of ABC, responded that Pearson is indigenous. As Overington (2016) from the Australian Newspaper of the Year claims, the characterization of people being indigenous is destroying. Apparently, the media itself together with the political entity continues to practice race. In general, every individual should do away with racial attitudes and treat one another equally.


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