Free Essay: The NICE Challenge

Published: 2023-03-28
Free Essay: The NICE Challenge
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The NICE challenge is a project that is owned by NIST and focuses on developing real-world challenges in cybersecurity within virtualized business environments and to students. The project helps students and tests their ability to perform tasks in a NICE cybersecurity framework as well as to exhibit their abilities, skills, and knowledge. In addition, NIST has as well created a website referred to as CyberSeek. The website enables NIST to track data on demands in cybersecurity jobs within both the private and the public sectors. Therefore, it serves as an avenue for professionals and students as well as employers to fill job openings. The paper focuses on some of the considerations to put in place while creating a security awareness campaign as well as analyzing mechanisms I would use to have the full support of the executive management before launching the campaign.

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Security awareness campaign

Security awareness refers to the attitude and knowledge possessed by employees in a specific organization that regards the protection of assets and information within the institution. The security awareness campaign would involve a formal program which aims at training users of the potential threats to the information of an organization as well on how to avoid certain situations that are likely to expose the organization's data and information at risk (Cotet, Balgiu, & Zaleschi, 2017). Executive management plays an essential role in ensuring the implementation of the security awareness campaign by giving it the necessary support, such as financial support (Mirza, 2018).

How my campaign will align with HR procedures

Human resource procedures refer to the procedures and policies that an organization puts in place in order to guide and protect everyone within the organization. Some of the HR procedures include safety and health, employee conduct and punctuality, employee classifications, timekeeping, no-discrimination, as well as anti-harassment and risk management (Jetter, 2016). My security awareness campaign will align with HR procedures in various ways. For instance, the campaign will align with HR procedures by meeting the various divisional leaders for purposes of ensuring that all the procedures and policies are feasible. Therefore, by meeting with the various divisional leaders, I will ensure that my campaign makes sense to all employees and that the right terminologies are used as well as the correct understanding. Besides, I will ensure that my campaign aligns with human resource procedures by setting and communicating realistic deadlines for the campaign. For instance, I will arrange regular meetings with staff from all departments to explain to them the expected roles and the appropriate timelines. In addition, I will ensure my campaign aligns with the set HR procedures by automating the campaign, thus reducing the costs. For instance, I will send some of the essential information to each employee on their emails and thus reduce the cost of printing.

Also, I will align the campaign with HR procedures by ensuring appropriate planning, for example, on the required budgets as well as ensuring that it conforms to the overall strategy of the organization. I will ensure that the campaign focuses on the needs of the organization and those of the employees, for example, expeditious ways of solving issues. Besides, I will ensure that the campaign aligns with HR procedures by making sure that any data used is safe and a proper risk management platform. Training of relevant skills to various employees is also another task that I will conduct to ensure the campaign conforms to HR policies.

Educational program and message for management

I would develop an educational program for the management that would help senior managers to understand and determine the learning progress of each aspect of the campaign. I would use various educational programs for the management, such as apprenticeship, learner ships, as well as skills program. For instance, I would get a professional in cybersecurity issues to educate and make the top managers understand the content of the campaign. The message to the managers would be on how cybersecurity and the campaign will help the organization will be protected from cybercrime, gain a competitive advantage, as well as save on costs.

How I will use the NICE framework to develop employees

I will use the NICE framework to develop employees in various capacities, such as laying a foundation and basis of mutual respect and trust, leading by example, regular training and evaluation of employees as well as getting positive feedback. Besides, other aspects that I would use from the NICE framework to develop employees would include leadership monitoring, motivation, mentoring, cross-departmental training, as well as ensuring the personal development of all employees.

I would ensure that I benefit from CyberSeek in recruiting new talent through a network of candidate-specific events, smart advertising, as well as offering referral and attractive incentives for new employees. Besides, I can recruit new talent from CyberSeek by offering clarity and career growth and opportunities for new staff members and using present employees as brand ambassadors on the website.


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