Personal Mission Statement - Essay Example

Published: 2018-02-21
Personal Mission Statement - Essay Example
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There are different things that do excite me in our world and that is seeing someone help out a person who is helpless and in need of help like those struck by natural catastrophes or sicknesses and poverty. On the other hand, what angers me the most is our leaders who are in a position to help the weak people instead of doing so they oppress them more. If I were to teach about what excites me the three things, I would teach would first include Love. The need to love the other person as much as you love yourself. Never see a fellow being in a problem and walk away leaving them there. The other thing I would teach is the value attached in helping. I would feel happy raising a generation which knows what it means to help the other person regardless of their origin or situation. And finally the third thing would be equality, I would finally focus on how we value each other. Treating other how you would wish to be treated and taking them equally. Love is a thong that would solve so many problems facing the world at large.

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On the other hand, if I would convey the three things that I hate in our world I would start with selfishness among the people in the world. This has led to so many problems, especially with our leaders. It feels so bad when our politicians earn turns of money while the taxpayers somewhere in the country are dying of hunger due to lack of jobs and lack of money. The other thing I would mention out is racism. Why do we treat others unequally due to the color of their skin, why can't we get over racisms? And the third thing that I would mention is justice with our legal system. A person is sentenced to prison for ten years for stealing a chicken while a corrupt politician gets away with taxpayers millions of money and not charged with anything.

My mission statement from the summary above is that we all need to treat others equally, show love for one another and in the process so many problems will come to an end. Valuing equally each other comes in as a result of the love and respect we have for each other.

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