Diversity - for Scholarship Consideration. Education Essay Example.

Published: 2019-12-03
Diversity - for Scholarship Consideration. Education Essay Example.
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From the first day that she joined my class for the first lesson of the year I knew that there is something special about her. She was decently dressed and tidy. As I began my class, she seemed confident and stood out of the rest when each student was introducing themselves. I am always keen on my students and from the first class I could see how she carried herself. During that first lesson, she was one of the only two students who asked questions. Hers was a bit out of focus but it had sense in it, Teacher, we dont have a class prefect who shall be in charge of the class? That question got me by surprise but in all fairness she had a point.

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I took the liberty and handed her the mandate albeit on a temporary basis until the school decides on the same. She was able to show her leadership skills from that very opportunity she got. Time went by and assignments and CATs came then the end of year exams. She exceptionally performed and I was very impressed by her results. When the school announced the top performers for that year, she was up there with the best, and due to her exemplary performance, she was selected by the faculty to mentor the sophomores and guide them through a successful transition to high school. She did not only ensure that they got to high school successfully, but had a lasting relationship with many of them attributing their success to her mentorship.

Due to the fact that it is easy to believe in people when they are succeeding, she had gained the trust of the faculty in her leadership skills and as such she was chosen as a leader for a Student Government T-shirt design team, to create an image with a message that represented all seniors. She led the team and they were able to come up with a design that has now become sort of a brand that has inspired many other students within the school. Through her leadership, various events which appealed to her classmates, have been organized and continue to be held to date and they help in promoting the school spirit. She has been an ambassador for the school whenever she is, from the way she carries herself decently and the way she speaks about the school. It is my strong belief that she thrives in doing good, not just for herself but rather the people she interacts with.

During the weekends, evenings and school holidays, she usually heads over to Mathew 25 ministries offices, a global humanitarian aid non-profit organization where she helps in community service. At the organization; she has been tasked with the preparation of personal care packages by evaluating, sorting, counting and packaging donated items for distribution in humanitarian id for disaster relief.

Right now, her focus is on getting into campus, not only to make a better future for herself but to be able to have a platform of sharing with people from various backgrounds and upbringings, to get back to the community and continue her childhood dream of serving the world restlessly and sharing the need for humans to be selfless in their good deeds. Your organization stands for what she believes in and I hope that through offering her a scholarship, she shall get the much help she needs in actualizing her dreams.

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