Free Essay Dedicated to Application of Agile in Telecommunication Company

Published: 2022-04-07
Free Essay Dedicated to Application of Agile in Telecommunication Company
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Recently digital companies are adapting to agile development practice to make appropriate delivery of goods and services to end-user efficiently. When adopting to software development approach the use of technology has assisted in creating product characteristics faster ensuring they are refined and meet the customer demand (Adjei, 2010)

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When making comparisons about the traditional organization that embraces the offline and the online system they are applying the agile methodology in most of their output. For the instant, World Bank has adopted the digital format of the mobile app that allows faster and reliably form of realizing money. However, the mobile banking features have been maintained secret and inaccessible by information technology industries due to high privacy (Adjei, 2010).

Studies show that several telecommunication companies are using agile practice on the discrete piloting of activities hence reaping its benefit. However, some organizations are being considered as mature adopter having an extensive usage of business using the agile process. Thus, the study shows that companies that are using agile have increased their innovation with a vast range.Also, the first telecommunication companies such as landline are unable to adopt the modern agile program; however the main impediment is the ability to operate in their current structure. The process of landline telecommunication is still fragmental due to the software they apply to product development and its complexity. In a team using the front-end model of application and updating database and servers need to correct the back-end software for easy adaptability. Thou, planning, and cost-cutting is the main reason why business is still operating both in information technology sector they will always adapt to waterfall approach (Galvana,2014).

However, it is becoming a significant challenge for many companies to incorporate on agile software in their small structures of pilots into organizational function depending on the impact of the said pilot without interfering with any features of the organizations.

Similarly, the use of agile has assisted several companies to develop IT software in their business sector. Therefore, different changes have been made in various areas of operation with the purpose of improving their companies structures based on product orient, boosting connections among IT and the business structure and enhancing their planning system and budget utilization. More so, the telecommunication companies adopted agile software such as Samsung Company has reaped a positive benefit on a product-oriented model. The system has developed various talent on the IT-based model for the onboarding customer experience. As a result of adopting the quick changes, Samsung mobiles have launched several models recently as compared to the previous years. The main reason for Samsung success was to make every difference achievable by developing features that can be flexible when operating.

The most significant factor of agile in telecommunication sector is the development of IT that concentrate on product development such as adoption of software that can assist when locating direction and market-based software which business people use to determine their businesses rather than simplifying their features in waterfall development approach. Users are benefiting from product change by testing the prototypes hence producing different software on the coalition of highly developed IT system that help companies to focus on organizational structures.

Landline telecommunications are trying to arrange their IT materials depending on the projected usage depending on fragmented experience. Therefore, the purpose of organizing technological software was to develop business leader hence, designing the outcome of the business. The technical structure would mean that some operating offices would be eliminated leading to the adoption of online office. The combination of business technology on telecommunication structure has improved online marketing improving customer experience in commercial services and sharing of software online.

Therefore, it critical for telecommunication industry to adopt on technological software to improved service delivered to its customers. When there is product categorization organizations need to choose on the agile team that will assist in maintenance and development activities associated with the different output. The employee of telecommunication sector needs to be involved in product test, ownership of output and software development to achieve centralized support from the specialized expert in security, information technology, and customer support.

In the medical organization such as hospitals, they are using the software to refine their structures by specifying the product requirement with new software adaptability. Due to interdependency on the output management have tried to adapt to agile within the organization in areas such as theatre, customer service where the patient can book the appointment online. Recently, telecommunication industry has diverted it product ownership approach from its stakeholder directly to the end-user with the help of agile players instead of bypassing through several channels for transmission. Therefore, the mobile company managed to minimize the period taken to deliver information to the end user. Hence, for successful agile productivity, managers need to encourage teamwork, initiate coordination and enforce performance improvement.

Ultimately, for an organization to enlarge their scale of operation, they need to analyze their strength and weakness when adapting to technological changes. The flexibility of company to adapting to different changes in technology is crucial for the achievement of organization vision. Hence, organizations need to operate with staffs who understand technological aspect of the product, customer taste and their competitors' mission in advancing their output. Most of the analog mobile appliances are participating in software development sophistically, enhancing software once a need arises. The technological departments are using proxy software to compensate the product owner due to the failure of a software application for future engagement of customers and the success of a company. However, the proxy form has restriction features for a customer to access due to an organizational barrier to protect its customers hence there is need of customer to give the company to apply the software in it the appliance. Due to companies accountability, agile is utilized to assist in waste reduction.

Additionally, the manufacturers need to have a clear understanding of their product and how their customers view them. By understanding the product, questions manufactures gain ability on the type of decision to make that will enable in the reduction of product bottleneck hence accelerating productivity. Previously, software providers were struggling to market their product on appropriate time due to the poor decision that was made and undefined communication in their organization of operation. Therefore, the Samsung companies come up with three-tiered ownership of product where all members were involved in decision making. Hence, the three-tier improved organizational unit and technology usage due to clear communication. Samsung Company was in the position of implementing decision faster as they develop coordination and consistency among the output-development teams. Therefore, due to variables in structures, organizations were in place of performing new product software in the market environment evenly instead of annually. More so, Samsung company has embraced product backlog that contains the necessary features required for operating a phone. The issues involved in product backlog keep on changing with the change in technology and business taste.

In the 1990s, their utilization of incremental and iterative software techniques developed. During that period, there emerged a Microsoft company a modern method on software's that exploited the protocol of project behavior thus targeting human interactions. Agile methodology was adopted in the year 2001 to deal with the treatment of the universal principles. Therefore, leading to the development of software such as; Dynamic System Development, Feature-Driven Development, and Adaptive Software Development. Hence, since then, the development of Agile software development became famous therefore leading to a positive adoption by software development organizations. Microsoft Companies that make use of Agile software methodology have gained the benefit of customer satisfaction, reduced rate of development and low defect rate.

Also, Scrum is the only methodology in the class of Agile that has been recognized as software development in Microsoft organizations. Most crucial scrum was purposely created to cope with emerging issues in business (Fruhauf, 2007). Therefore, the role of Scrum technique was to push the project forward while boosting the mode of communication among team players and sprinting tasks into series. The popularity of Scrum software has extended into a large margin hence companies such as Intel, Yahoo and Nokia embracing it. Therefore its significance has been reported by the company that Scrub has assisted the Microsoft to achieve excellent productivity and increased morale. However, despite the expansion of Scrum in the marketplace, there is no research has studied it, in the Agile software it has reported little information about Scrum. Hence, the study tries to fill the existing knowledge gap in areas of Scum adoption.

According to studies, there are significant successful issues that affect the application of Agile in project software of Microsoft as Individual items like excellent customer service and the team player and Operational factors like a commitment of managers and environmental issues around an organization. According to research, Microsoft organization has used scrum process as a product Backlog, scrum master, scrum team, sprint planning meeting, sprint, daily scrum meeting and product owner when processing their product. The scrum master is the owner of the software who monitors all programs in the system and has the authority of disconnecting software when the need arises. Microsoft Company makes the use of scrum team to assist in decision making and implementation of new policies in the company. Employees are the source of companies information from the first phase of processing until the time the product is in the intended customer. More so, companies that decide without the involvement of scrum team may fail to achieve their vision due to lack of cooperation leading to wastage of time before the player accept changes. The manager of Microsoft Company is in charge of improving and implementation process however he is not the team leader because the software is self-organizing. The central role of Microsoft leader is to solve problems and provide relevant information for the system. However, the Scum in Microsoft Company is not involved in barrier removal when coming up with a team for product and customer. Hence, for success to be achieved by the company, the team members must cooperate and follow instructions correctly. Scrum team is a success factor in Scrum software development. The scrum software gives room for developers to enroll more ownership programme on the project they are developing. However, a developer that has uncooperative players will lead to low quality of product development hence utilizing excess capital which is a risk to a project.

Even though there is scrum in the Microsoft industry, engineers have concentrated on XP programming and the unit testing exercise. In areas where there is refa...

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