LGBT community Essay

Published: 2018-03-04
LGBT community Essay
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Community definition

The term community has been used in various facets of our society to distinguish certain groups from others. It is quite common to come across terms such as community care, community services, community development and much more to signify the different aspects affiliated with the community. The definition associated with the term include; a small group of people with common aspects, a group of people who share common characteristics, a group of people living in a particular area in addition to a group of people separated from the authority. It is worth noting that there are communities found within communities whereby the communities are formed as a result of unique characteristics that are beyond their control. The good examples include people with disabilities, people with low income in addition to people in the LGBT community (Lavender, Paige). The community of interest is the LGBT community which can be described to be a community found in a community. It is identified with people having different sexual orientations from the heterosexuals and hence relatively sharing the same experiences when it comes to adjusting to the society and allowing people to accept them for who they are (Moore, Mignon R.). The LGBT community is part of a significant part of the society in regards to appreciating diversity. It is perceived that any community has its own method of communicating and creating of understanding that is unique and familiar among the individuals. Individuals from the LGBT community still struggles with acceptance and the freedom for expressing their sexuality because of a majority of stereotypes and the fear of being mocked or discriminated. Similarly to any community, the LGBT community tends to exhibit a unique form of communication that the individuals involved easily interact. Therefore, the focus of the research is on whether the ways in which members of the LGBT community communicate are formed inadvertently or are formed by design (Whelan, Alice).

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What is LGBT community

From a general perspective, what has always interested me is the unique methods that people in distinctive communities use in communicating; especially among the LGBT community. The community is at times referred to as a family as it focuses on giving support to its members with the perspective that they are the only ones that understand what their members experience. The community consists of both older and younger generations whereby the older find it necessary to provide support to the younger generation; support that cannot be provided by their biological families. They communicate in a way that brings about empathy and understanding as they experience similar perceptions from the society; both rejection and acceptance (Moore, Mignon R.). The relationships are formed through differences in ages in addition to historical experiences. We live in a world that is consistently being influenced by technology when it comes to various facets of communication. Technology has made it possible for members of the LGBT community to interact and voice out their needs from a global perspective. Technology makes it possible for people from various locations to interact and share their experiences in regards to being part of a unique community. It, therefore, becomes important to consider the role of technology when it comes to enhancing interaction among members in the LGBT community in addition to analyzing whether it plays in determining the method in which people from the LGBT community interact (Moore, Mignon R.).

The research aims at analyzing the aspects of communication found in the LGBT community in regards to their characteristics and their uniqueness. Communication by design refers to a systematic method of interaction whereby there are a structure and systematic procedures that individuals follow when interacting. It puts into perspective the need for goals and objectives, the associated message, the intended audience in addition to resources required to facilitate the message. Communication by design puts into perspective an interaction process with a mission such that there is an order of transmitting messages. Inadvertent communication takes place unconsciously whereby it occurs innately; without any rules. Individuals engaging inadvertent communication interact from a personal level such that they understand each other and empathize with their experiences (Lin, Yen-jui and Tania Israel). Unlike communication by design, inadvertent communication does not have a structure or rules, but rather people communicate there is a need. The similarity between the two communication processes is that they involve a language that the involved parties understand. Also, both parties have commonalities that prevent any form of the barrier during the interaction. In regards to the objective of the research, it becomes essential to analyze whether the ways in which members of the LGBT community communicate are formed inadvertently or are formed by design (Eyer, Katie R.).

In synopsis, the research aims at analyzing the differences between communication by design and inadvertent communication when it comes to communication in a community from a general perspective. It focuses on the LGBT community and hence basing its analysis on whether the ways in which members of the LGBT community communicate are formed inadvertently or are formed by design. The idea is to highlight the facet of communication as a distinctive feature in a particular community.

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