Arguments against the Death Penalty - Essay Example

Published: 2022-02-22
Arguments against the Death Penalty - Essay Example
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The act of ending other human being life is hard to comprehend. The tools and mechanics used to perform the execution are easy to use, but it is evident that the emotions involved regardless of how much the person deserves it, is beyond the moral understanding of normal human being. The act of execution is necessary for certain situations; the society has the mandate to examine and analyze factors that authenticate the act. The case against death sentence is irrational, and neither is it moral, fair, economical, or sensible deterrent to future crimes.

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Primarily, when examining the act of execution, there an imminent possibility of error, the question remains, was there thorough investigation done to justify the death penalty. If an error occurred and a person executed does that problem relate to the court system or the death penalty? The daily activities such construction, sports, driving and air travel make the human life prone to death for every second that counts though strict precautions considered. These activities continue to take lives on a daily basis, and the society has come to terms with it because they are accidents. On the other hand, taking other people's lives voluntary because of a crime committed is irrational as much is convincing that it is getting rid of murders, flight hijackers, rapists and other capital offenders from the society. The advantages outweigh the intended loss.

Secondly, Fair administration of capital punishment is in question; research statistics indicate that the impoverished majority are likely to face the death penalty compared to elite class. The rich are likely to get off with laser sentences though they deserved capital punishment; this is not a valid argument since it is an issue of the courts, which issue unjust and unfair sentencing.

The third argument is the contradiction among supporters of the death penalty, that claims that the deterrent against future crimes valid excuse of crime reduction which has not been proven and yet not certain. The rational argument is that it is morally unethical to enact the capital punishment and presume it as a threat.

Fourth argument relates to the period spent in death row and the ever-ending appeals, technicalities and delays that convicted felon undergoes. It drains the convict emotionally and affects the people who are close to him or her. It also punishes the taxpayer on the other hand because the convict's basic needs are imminent. The actual course of these delays is the process followed when appealing a case; the case keeps on bouncing between the state and federal courts. If executing a death row inmate immediately after conviction to end the emotion and financial burden will solve the problem brings out mixed reactions from either party. This because for his or her family it is better off they become bankrupt and cling to the hope that something miraculous will happen other than experiencing the execution. Which is crueler, languishing in prison waiting for death, alternatively, facing the executioner?

Currently, many people will vote for the death penalty since they are convinced it preventive measure for a crime to reoccur again. The other advantage is that to removes the burden from taxpayers, but the question is do we live in the same society with the same guarantees and rights. Every person has the right to life, happiness, and liberty enjoying equal opportunities, therefore, the solution to safeguard the common interest of everyone is to agree that the only thing that separates murderers from the general community is death penalty. Therefore, as the close of 20th century is around the corner, it is crucial to note that the Justice systems need clear guidelines and reforms and let us not jump into conclusion to eliminate the death penalty.

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