Admission Essay for Masters's Degree in Public Administration. Free Sample

Published: 2023-03-23
Admission Essay for Masters's Degree in Public Administration. Free Sample
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I am a passionate scholar with interest in the continued acquisition of knowledge and skills that are necessary for career progression within the field of business management. I expect to graduate from the University of Miami - Coral Gables, Florida in May 2020, where I have been studying a major in International Studies and Economics. My attainment of a GPA of 3.6 in International Studies and Economics major at the university is an indication of my sheer hard work and determination to excellence. With hindsight on career progression, knowledge acquisition and skill development, I searched for a place to further my education. After a thorough check, I have realized that the content and delivery of the Master of Public Administration offered at the Penn State World Campus best fits my interests.

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My self-drive, goal-orientation and ambitiousness are critical elements of both my career as well as academic plan. This is evidenced by both my sterling academic achievements and involvement in various self-building and societal improvement initiatives, including internships and volunteerism. I was the volunteer coordinator for Sharq Investment CO, which afforded me leadership skills as well and coordination competencies. Furthermore, I was a marketing intern at Oula Fuel Marketing Co. This internship was a critical milestone in my career development since it helped me in conceiving how the business environment operates, data management, business administration and communication strategies. Apart from the self-activated activities for personal progress, I have also engaged in community initiatives, including a Beach Cleaning Campaign Project. This reinforced my understanding and concept of corporate social responsibility which is a critical component of business operation strategy.

I am confident that the studies in International Studies and Economics at the University of Miami - Coral Gables, personal attributes and field experience provide me with an adequate background to excel in the master program. A key component of my experience which will significantly contribute towards the completion of the master program is the Liberal Arts Intensive Program - Barnard College, Columbia University. Here I gained advanced competency in information mining, critical evaluation of data, research, and logical reasoning. Conceivably, this experience will feed into the expectations of the Master of Public Administration, which focuses on knowledge generation, analysis and concept application to real-life issues.

I am particularly impressed with the way the Master of Public Administration offered at the Penn State World Campus is organized. It provides courses that are market-oriented, which means it typically trains students to be responsive to the actual needs as soon as they venture into their career. By earning this degree, I will have acquired the competencies required to become an effective leader, marketable and flexible enough to move between jobs in multiple sectors. Studying at the Penn State World Campus will also be an excellent opportunity for me to create an essential network with scholars from various academic backgrounds as well as diverse heritage. I will use my attribute of adaptability in co-operating with them in worthwhile knowledge generation.

After completion of the master program, I intend to use the knowledge and skills gained in leading as well as transforming the family business that my grandfather had established many years ago. I understand that a dynamic business environment requires adequate competency in corporate administration is vital. The masters will enrich my thinking and help me in improving the profitability of the family business as well as developing viable plans for its sustained growth. Furthermore, I plan to continue my stay in the US to broaden my scope of experience and pursue a PhD in the field of Public Administration before returning to my home country. I believe that the master's degree and experience will provide an impetus for my career development as well as make me more resourceful in the field of business.

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