Free Essay on Becoming an Effective Listener

Published: 2019-11-12 16:09:36
Free Essay on Becoming an Effective Listener
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The process of communication plays a crucial role in enhancing the process of integration and association within different setups. The message in a communication process is the baseline of passing information to make a difference. The medium also is essential since it defines the whether the intended message will reach the receiver. Moreover, the listening process is essential for effective feedback to be generated as well as for the communication process to be complete (Fedesco, 2014). Nevertheless, many at times the process of communication has been hindered by the lack of listening competencies during a communication process such as conversation, discussion, and presentation among others. This excerpt is a short reflection on my listening skills highlighting my strengths and measures to improve my competency.

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The process of effective listening requires one to be keen and capture what is contained in the message. I have developed a strategy to ensure that I am attentive during conversations, discussions, or presentations. The strength I have developed is the capacity to concentrate on the speaker of the message. Occasionally I have been able to get the major points as well as the objective of the messages being communicated. Being attentive has enabled me to understand the meaning of the communication process and draw essential conclusion relevant to the associated contexts. I have also adhered to active listening where I strive to understand the implication of the message and ask questions where clarification is required. Being relaxed and putting my focus on the speaker have also enhanced my capacity to listen effectively. Distractions have limited the ability of subjects to listen to the intended messages effectively; therefore, avoiding such occurrences guarantees not only the understanding of the message but also the perspective of the speaker (Rester, 2012).

Moreover, the element of feedback plays a significant role in completing the communication process. Through feedback, the person passing the message will be able to know whether the listener understood the intended meaning. After getting the message, I have adhered to giving timely feedback to the parties involved and seeking for further clarifications or reaction for my comments. Besides, I have also learned to give people time to respond during their turn without interruption, especially in discussions and conversation. Such a move has enabled me to learn from the experience and perspective of others and integrate their point of view in my ideas before making a comprehensive response. Allowing others to make their comments without interruption has also enabled people to be comfortable with me during conversations and discussions. Keeping an open thought, while listening to the person making a presentation, has enhanced the application of the intended meaning of my personal experience. Nevertheless, I need to improve some areas to ensure that I become an effective listener.

Although I have perfected my listening skills through active listening, seeking for clarifications, and delivery of timely feedback, I need to improve on developing an open mind. In many occasions, I have acquired prejudgments towards the message without trying to understand the feeling of the person delivering a message. Such scenarios have prevented my ability to draw reliable conclusions. The process of active listening involves the understanding of the perspective of others and offering feedback that is free from personal bias. If such measures cannot be achieved, then the chances of misconception become very high (WomenMedia, 2012). I need to incorporate the element of curiosity in my listening competency to ensure that I take every conversation as critical learning opportunities as well as chances to sharpen my critical thinking. On the other hand, I need to make sure that I improve my concentration during long discussions, conversations, or presentations. In many events, it has been challenging to keep focusing on the most important points whenever the presenter or the person speaking takes a long time to present the message. Such an improvement will be achieved through practice and developing interests in diverse topics.

In conclusion, active listening is a vital process of communication, which enhances learning as well as interaction with peers at different levels. It is essential for one to develop active listening to ensure that they understand the intended meaning of the message. The issue of feedback in crucial in completing the communication process; therefore, it is essential to listen keenly to offer reliable and timely feedback. I have managed to develop a competent listening skill by keeping an open mind to understand the perspective of the speaker. Moreover, through active engagement I have been able to get clarifications for issues not clearly displayed. Furthermore, my capacity to make people feel comfortable during conversations has also contributed to successful listening. Nevertheless, I need to improve on open-mindedness during talks to avoid cases of prejudgment and biased perspective. Moreover, I need to concentrate and get the most important points during long conversations, discussions, or presentations. I need more practice as well as developing interest in diverse topics.


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