Human Rights Violation Essay Example

Published: 2018-03-04
Human Rights Violation Essay Example
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Human rights essay

Human rights are at risk of violation through many aspects of life. In the past, national governments and international organizations did not prioritise human rights that much. This is the reason why a number of humanitarian issues such as the right to vote for women and black people dominated past years. Also, the extent to which individuals or organizations would go to achieve certain goals led to the violation of key human rights. For example, during the world war, the German government allowed military strategists to conduct medical experiments on soldiers so that they could come up with ways of turning humans into superior beings. These medical practices were prevalent in other countries but in most cases, they were conducted to help develop treatment procedures and create cures for diseases. Today, these research extremes have been curtailed with the aim of protecting human rights. This paper seeks to explore this issue by answering respective questions.

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1. What were your reactions to reading about some of the past violations of human rights in the quest for knowledge about disease and treatment? Please be specific.

After reading on the conduction of medical research using human subjects, one cannot help being enraged. As much as research scientists are of the view that the experiments are vital, it is important to understand that other people do not have a similar perception. Also, societal beliefs and values do not allow for such practices. Hence, researchers should respect society’s opinions about research on humans. Furthermore, these medical experiments can end up harming individuals who were in perfect medical condition.

2. Please comment on the adequacy of the protections and regulations that are now built into the system to protect human subjects, especially for vulnerable populations.

Currently there are relevant regulations that help protect human rights. These regulations have helped create order in the way scientists go about their research on a global scale. However, some governments often betray their citizens by allowing these research practices to be conducted discreetly. This is an issue, which should be thoroughly reviewed by international institutions such as the United Nations and the World Health Organization. Unfortunately, countries that are not members of such institutions are to continue with no hindrance.

Short essay on human rights

3. Randomized clinical trials (RCTs) are the gold standard for research, as you know. What are some of the ethical issues to consider when recruiting for RCTs? How can these issues be addressed? Do you agree that RCTs are necessary given the difficulties in recruiting participants?

Randomized Clinical Trials face serious drawbacks since they have to operate under a set of ethical guidelines. Ethical issues that appear during recruitment of participants include consent from the groups and individuals themselves. For example, in many communities, researchers have to wait on the consent of community groups such as elders before proceeding to conduct research within the community. Hence, RCTs are essential in recruiting participants without violating ethical requirements. The ethical issues can be addressed by providing remedies such as maximum benefits and reduced risks, and health awareness to avoid any therapeutic misconceptions.

4. Do you think informed consent is always necessary for any kind of research? What is your rationale?

Informed consent is necessary for any research. If the researchers can confirm that their participants agreed to participate, then the participants are assumed to have perfect knowledge of the activities performed in research. On the other hand, if the participants joined the research under coercion, then their rights are being violated.

5. What is your role as an FNP in the protection of human rights in the research process? Please be specific.

As a family nurse practitioner, one is tasked with the role of conducting physical exams, performing diagnoses on patients, and providing the needed counseling. Hence, during a research process, I am required to obtain professional cause to perform a diagnosis on a patient. Also, before conducting physical exams, I should get the consent of my patients to avoid violating their rights.

Humankind is known to possess dire vices among them, dreadful ambition. Even if today’s technology allows most of these experiments to be safe, there is no need to agitate the society’s values by doing the opposite. Fortunately, health researchers can use RCTs to avoid violating human rights.

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