Essay Sample on YWCA Organization in York City

Published: 2023-01-19
Essay Sample on YWCA Organization in York City
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The YWCA organization in York city was started in the year 1858, and it is one of the oldest national nonprofit able organizations which is worldwide. This organization is committed to the physical, social, and personal development of communities, families, and women. It was the first charity organization that mainly focused on women's rights in New York City. The organization's mission is to eliminate racism, promote peace, freedom, dignity, and justice, and empower women (May 2011). It achieves all this through the girls who are aged 9-24, whereby there are community programs that are set after school. YWCA has played a significant role in the advancing of racial justice and gender equity.

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YWCA is not the only organization that assists females in their hardships; there are other companies that have evolved that work similarly to it (Stanger, 2014). The lighthouse mission and Whatcomymca are the major competitors of YWCA. This organization gives services that are the same as it, Whatcomymca organization is also a privately owned company that provides specialized services. Some of the characteristics that make these two organizations YWCA competitors is the number of people that have signed into them. Lighthouse mission has the highest number of employees; a high number of employees shows that the organization can serve a large number of people. Moreover, the organization recorded a higher amount of revenue compared to the YWCA.

The organization works with different people and other companies to give quality services to the member. Some of the organizations' suppliers are food water and Sanitation Companies. This company is significant whenever YWCA goes into the field. However, these companies have their power in the organization whereby they are allowed to contribute to the services to the people. Another supplier that is important to the organization is the book and journal publisher (May 2011). The book publisher's books can be used by the member to run some of the characteristics they should possess. The books and journals also help the affected people recover from their conditions by giving them courage. The book publishing company has the power to give out the members new versions of books.

The company mainly sells its services to girls and women, whereby it makes sure there is justice amongst them. The organization has an abiding and deep obligation to work things of gender, economy, and racial justice. YWCA has a history of being an integrated women's social fairness organization; this deed makes the organization have a unique quality of frequently evaluating and measuring its growth towards fulfilling its mission. Moreover, the organization continually develop, seek, and acquire new skills and tools that improve them to be a racism-free organization. It also commits its movement to the ethos of life-long un-learning and learning of the members. However, the organization mainly focuses on selling its services to women and girls who have been impacted by the overlapping structure of gender, race, and age inequity - moreover, those who are excessively harmed by poor community policies.

YWCA has been an organization that has been creating a good relationship with its customers. It has been offering the best services to its customers, and this characteristic makes the customers have a stable relationship, and they cannot get their services somewhere else apart from there. Although the competition is, YCWA has its uniqueness when it comes to the handling of the customers. Due to the game, the new organization is emerging. Moreover, there is a probability of other organization appearing and even giving deferent services (Stanger, 2014). The world has also evolved, and new things are being brought out, this offers rooms for more and more organization being started to deal with the current situations.


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Stanger, H. (2014). Ourselves: Welfare Capitalism in the Larkin Company, 1900-1939. LERA For Libraries.

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