Free Essay on Cri de Coeur by Romeo Dallier

Published: 2017-08-30
Free Essay on Cri de Coeur by Romeo Dallier
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Cri de Coeur is basically a strong request for help in the midst of a bad situation. Romeo Dallier a Canadian is an author, humanitarian and retired general among others. In his expressive piece of work, Cri de Coeur Dallier has vividly narrated his encounter in Rwanda as the commander of United Nations peacekeeping forces. This essay seeks to analyse Dalliers literary style, experience and effects that the war had on his personal life.

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Dallier has artistically penned down his memoir in the most appealing and emotional style. In the introductory paragraph for instance one gets to have a mental picture of how the setting, Rwanda is from his vivid description. He says that the sky was blue and cloudless and a whiff of breeze swaying the trees in the amazing green valleys and hills only for the war and violence to turn such a beauty into an orgy of death and suffering. Additionally, his diction in Cri de Coeur is splendid as it helps bring out the desired information. For instance the use of the word butchery explains the intensity of the killing that was going on during the genocide period. With over 800,000 people killed only such an expression would explain the dehumanizing acts that was taking place in Rwanda which Dalliers troop and the Rwandese Patriotic Front were trying to stop. Also by using the word mounds, it is clear that the mass of bodies were a lot.

His experience in Rwanda during the genocide period was too much due to what he had faced and the decisions he had to make. The war was bad to an extent that Dallier had lost hope this is expressed when on their way to Kigali they came across a small boy wandering in a deserted area which he thought was a set up due nature of the ravine lush that was adorned with bamboo shoots and banana trees. It was unusual for a boy that age to be roaming alone in such a situation. However, on holding the boy in his arms he felt the need to protect him and further goes ahead to say that if he could not save Rwanda then he could at least save the boy as the bewildered boy was a vision of hope. Moreover, Dallier was faced with the task of making decisions like not allowing for exporting of orphans abroad. Such decision he made for purposes of benefiting a greater number of orphans unlike if the humanitarians helped a few by flying away. One might argue that that was not the best decision but Dallier believed otherwise. Dalliers experience led to him beating himself up because he goes ahead to express that they had failed having being entrusted with helping a nation that was burning down in war and bloodshed.

The war affected him emotionally, mentally and physically. Dallier has since have to deal with post-traumatic stress and suicide attempts. The graphic views of killed people during his stay in Rwanda are the cause of these effects. Additionally, he had to have therapy session to help him cope with the memories and as for now he still uses medication extensively.

Conclusively, Dalliers recount of events is an expression of what ethnicity and greed for power can do to individuals and society at large. It leaves people bruised for life. It is sad experience as the ghosts of genocide are still haunting members of Rwandese society that went through the traumatising ordeal. Such a war only results to social, economic and political stagnation. This is evident in Dalliers literary style, experience and effects that the war had on his personal life.

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