Management Essay for Free: Evaluation of Organizational Development Approaches

Published: 2019-09-10 05:25:41
Management Essay for Free: Evaluation of Organizational Development Approaches
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Managers in change management assume several images in the implementation of the changes in an organization. The images help in ensuring the appropriate true change is achieved in an organization. Some of the manager images are interpreter, coach, and navigator. Different organizational developments approaches are used in each managers image to ensure the success of its objectives. In this essay, an evaluation of the Organizational Development approach utilized in the coach image and sense-making approach associated with interpreter image are done.

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Change manager in coach image is expected to help the organizational members to develop within themselves the expected changes. To carry out this task, the manager uses Organizational Development approach that aims at improving the organizational performance by employing the necessary changes. The approach helps in enhancing the organizational ability to adopt in the dynamic environment. It ensures that the corporate members are equipped with the best skills and technical knowledge that are required in new changes. The approach gives change managers the best ways of ensuring they make the organizational members learn and accept the necessary changes. It provides that the necessary changes are made in organizations as well as in individuals. The organizational development approach involves testing a change, then pushing for an action and finally re-testing (Hawkins & Smith, 2013). The approach has other processes within the phases where the organizational members are first made aware of the change. They are educated on several changes and once they accept it an action is taken. The members give their feedbacks that are used in the re-testing of new changes or improved ones. The coach initiates the awareness, acceptance, and action in each and every change they want to teach the organizational members. Without acceptance, the changes cannot be implemented.

The interpreter image helps the organizational members understand the meaning and implications of changes. In this image, the managers ensure that the changes make sense to the concerned organizational members (Cameron & Green, 2012). The change manager in performing interpreter roles uses sense-making approach. The approach starts by making sure that the organizational members visualize and understand both internal and external environment of the organizational operation. The change manager creates cues formed from the organizational members points of interest. They then negotiate for the best decision that leads to acceptable action according to the identified changes. The approach used in the interpreter finally ensures that the change is incorporated in the workplace, and feedback is given. The sense-making approach majors in ensuring the organizational members understand the environment and the actions take aims at achieving the goals identified in the environment.

Both organizational developments approach associated with coach image and sense making approach associated with interpreter collects feedback from the organizational members. The feedback in both involves the initiation of new processes of the approaches. The two approaches involve the organizational members in the change implementation. The acceptability of the changes is important for the two approaches to succeed. In the two approaches, the involvement of the organizational members is very important as they are centered on them.

On the other hand, the two approaches differ in that, sense making approach includes negotiation of the organizational members and the change manager. In the organizational development approach, the members are made aware of the changes made. They do not negotiate the changes made but they are educated on them, and they and they are made to understand. The sense-making approach involves cycles of seven steps that aim at ensuring that the organizational members understand the changes entirely. On the other hand, the Organizational Development aims at making the members aware and their acceptance of the changes even if they do not understand it fully is the most important.


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