Essay Sample: Your Body Language May Shape Who You Are: A Reflection

Published: 2023-02-22
Essay Sample: Your Body Language May Shape Who You Are: A Reflection
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Amy Cuddy's TED Talk "Your Body Language May Shape Who You Are" discusses how body postures could be critical at defining a person's personality. She indicates that sometimes her body pose may reveal a lot about you and expose how you may be perceived you. The social psychologist explores several factors that stand out in the importance of body language to an individual. Most of the issues that she reveals connect to confidence and explore the need for being thoughtful of what meaning an individual may present with his/her body posture (Cuddy,2019). This proposition stems from the fact that a person's body posture communicates a lot about that person's background, mannerisms, way of life, and, more importantly, the speaker's grasp of the subject matter. Therefore, it leads to the automatic creation of a particular perception by one's audience.

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Consequently, the proper examination of one's ability to communicate, as a result, involves the exploration of the language of facial expressions and gestures, which necessarily implies there is a need for one to understand the body language of individuals. I realized that facial expressions may mean a lot in a conversation and that it reveals a lot in connection to one's confidence. This is because even though I knew that self-confidence is part of body language, I did not realize that proper facial expression expresses the self-esteem of a person during an interaction with an audience.

Communication analysis, according to the psychologist, relates to a few needs that an individual must have to express themselves correctly. Body language captures a lot of aspects that one must include in the analysis of an individual's way of communication. Cognizant body analysis is an essential exploration of how individuals accommodate the perfect relationship that they could have with their audiences at a given time. The primary component relates an explanation and relation through the examination of nonverbal communication cues.

The TED Talk was essential, given the importance of nonverbal cues in communication today. The emphasis is also related to the need to know how one's audience reacts to a particular way of conversation whenever speakers present themselves to an audience. The talk helped me to understand the rationale that people use in nonverbal cues and their importance to effective communication.

The TED Talk has merit and is vital to people who wish to cultivate excellent communication skills in all aspects of contemporary social and professional lifestyles. The TED Talk does this by explaining the need for appealing communication skills. The interaction is based on the fundamentals and the actual relationship that individuals have with other people in the delivery of information. Information delivery, Cuddy argued, depends on how people present it as supplemented with efficient body gestures.

The psychologist explains a few aspects that relate to self-esteem and contribute to potential body posture patterns. She reveals in the video that when speakers use proper facial expressions, the audience perceives that they have self-confidence and that they believe in themselves. This promotes the audience's ability to understand the message the speaking party is trying to pass. Cuddy thus convinces me that proper body language enhances a person's self-esteem and fosters a positive image of a speaker among the audience.

I would recommend this TED Talk because it could assist an individual in improving his/her appeal to an audience and that person's self-confidence. As a result, if a person could successfully tune their way of communication by mirroring some of the aspects Cuddy discusses, that individual will likely improve his/her interaction with friends, family, and workmates. Cuddy's explanation regarding eye contact, handshakes, and greetings offers an in-depth analysis of verbal cues in communication. It thus acts as an excellent guide to the use of useful nonverbal cues in communication individuals could apply in their day-to-day life to significant effect. Be it their professional or social life.


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