Free Essay: Attracting the Eyes of the Viewers

Published: 2023-03-12
Free Essay: Attracting the Eyes of the Viewers
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The use of visual media to relay communication is a trend in the current world information and technological communication arena (Cheng et al., 2017). The way people pass communication matters, especially on how the recipients of the information take it in. It is, therefore, necessary for the public to be attracted to the media for them to be glued to it to secure the details of the message. The flier below represents a communication from the school to sensitize the students and their parents on the coming field activity day. The day is regarded as exceptional, and children should always be prepared in advance so that they equip themselves with relevant instruments for the purpose.

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Analysis of the Image

The image has been selected to drive in some form of relevance to the intended activity. The personal perspective represents a person stretching in the field. It serves to give a visual impression that there is something related to fieldwork activities in the communication given. The image also presents a person typically dressed in the desired outfits for a similar event. That helps in prior preparation as far as the materials required are concerned. The technical perspective presents a clear image which is in three dimensions and is attractive to the sense of sight. Ethics and cultural appropriateness have also been considered in the image. The image is ethically accepted because it represents lawful activities that have not been secured through any form of illegal alteration. The moral portrait is also descent, and that encourages the moral upbringing of children and growing youths in society (Doron, 2017). The image, therefore, serves the purpose of communicating the activity and the appropriate equipment required and attracting the audience to the image. The contrast has been made bright enough to appeal to the audience and attract the public without causing any form of strain. Such is important because they help in enhancing visibility from a distance; thus, many people can see the image.

Text Analysis

The text used in the flier is visible to everyone who views it. The message is legible for all literate people, thus helping in passing the desired information with ease. Another critical aspect of the texts is that they are brief to the point. The main message is written in capital letters, which helps in establishing more understanding. The font for the opening statement is also big enough to welcome the public to the flier and for easy readability. The message is also brief and to the point. It is essential to make the messages in mass media communication outlets very concise and to the point so that most people can read all that is documented in the text (Davis, 2019). The message should also be precise and creating curiosity among those who read. That helps in developing the urge to participate in such activities.

Coloring of the Image

The use of visually attractive features, such as pictures and colors are essential in visual media communication. The media, such as fliers, brochures, posters, and many more, should be decorated with colors, first and foremost, for aesthetic purposes (John & De'Villiers, 2020). After aesthetic purposes, various colors signify certain things in an image. The use of the red color in the flier indicates urgency or the seriousness of the information. It also helps in identifying the main subjects of the information. The background has been made a uniformly white background to help in enhancing visibility for other colors used in the flier. In some text boxes, the theme of orange color and blue have been used as backgrounds so that it can make it easy for texts written in white fonts to be visible. Coloring is vital in such media and should be taken seriously. Green is often used to indicate the presence of vegetation in an area. It should, therefore, not be used in any other way. The blue color often represents the sky and large water bodies. The use of color should thus be restrained to such-like features so that they keep holding relevance during mass media communication.



Welcome to Field Day Activities

Our noble institution would like to bring to your attention the field day activities for all students. That is an annual activity that is usually done to foster a concrete balance between academics and co-curricular activities. We encourage a student to participate in at least one activity. Welcome.

DATE: 28TH JAN 2020

TIME: 9:00AM TO 4:00PM






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