Free Essay Describing Leadership Style and Skills

Published: 2022-03-30
Free Essay Describing Leadership Style and Skills
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Describe Your Own Leadership Style

I am a democratic leader who firmly believes in enhancing the participation of every person in decision-making. Before making any decisions, I encourage other employees to give their views and feedback on the same. I believe this style of leadership makes everyone feel valued and hence give their very best to enhance the success of the organization. Democratic style of leadership enhances the confidence of employees and increases the quality of service they provide.

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Describe an Instance Where You Used Assertive Communication

Assertive communication is a core and effective communication style. As a leader, being assertive means effective expression and standing up for what one believes. I remember an instance when I had to use assertive communication. There is an instance when a very sick patient was transferred to our facility. She was in dire need of transfusion after she had lost a lot of blood from an accident. However, the referring doctor did not think the patient required another transfusion because she had already been transfused. However, she would go into shock every few hours meaning she either did not have enough blood or had internal bleeding. To prevent further damage, I had to stand my ground. Although I respected the views of the referring doctor, I had to explain why I recommended a transfusion which I went ahead to give.

List Principles of Delegation You Used as Team Leader

As a team leader, delegation is a fundamental aspect in health care practice. Some of the principles I have used are:

Delegating tasks that are consistent with aspects of care and scope of practice to individuals who meet the qualifications

Delegating assignments that are responsive to needs of patient population as spelt out in nursing practice.

Consideration of the takes complexity, stability of patient's condition, predictability of the outcome, and the abilities of the personnel to whom the task is delegated

Retaining accountability of patient outcomes when making delegation decisions irrespective of the fact that personnel assigned delegation duties are responsible for task completion

Maintaining interpersonal relationships through two communication, respectful behavior and respect

Discuss A Staff Member's Response to A Conflict Situation, Including Conflict Management Style and Effectiveness

Conflicts in health practice are common and may be simple or complex. When faced with conflict, my colleague approaches the conflict from an interesting angle. She uses accommodating style where she approaches the issue in a way that relationships between colleagues are maintained at all costs. This method of conflict management is sometimes conflicting because it may require one to ignore the issue at hand which may be detrimental in the end. However, in most instances, she encourages people involved in the conflict to talk and find a way of resolving the issue without involving mediators. In most instances, the issue is resolved effectively without destroying relationships that took years to build.

Discuss Your Plans for Improving Your Time Management Skills

Time management is an important aspect in healthcare. One thing I plan to do is prioritize tasks effectively to avoid conflicting. First, I will create a to-do-list with the most important tasks top on the list and the less important ones at the end. After, I will assign time for each task based on its intensity and complexity. Finally, I will embark on these tasks with strict adherence to time and priority.

Diagram and Discuss the Interactions Between Members of a Group You You've Observed During A Group Activity or Meeting.

Improving quality of care and patient outcomes

Clinical information systems

Better resources and policies

Productive patient interactions

Decision support

The group was discussing how they can improve quality of service for better outcomes in the course of care. The discussion centered on health systems and organization of care that could enhance the quality of service and outcomes. The team emphasized on the need for decision support in the provision of care. The team emphasized on the need for productive interactions with patients. Another issue that was emphasized on was the need for better resources and policies that could support better patient care and outcomes. Updating clinical information systems was also considered important.

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