Essay Sample with World Issues Article Analysis

Published: 2022-09-20
Essay Sample with World Issues Article Analysis
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The Delays that Kingston has on residential rentals although it advocates for short-term licensing on Rentals

Housing has always been a crisis in Canada and mostly in cities where there is a huge presence of commercial hotels competing for rental income with locals. As reported by Darryn Davis of Global News; the city council of Kingston will proceed to vote on short-term rental licensing and delay voting on residential rentals. The licensing costs that will have been agreed on after the voting will make the playing field with hotels bed as well as breakfasts which collect accommodation tax paid by their own customers the same. It is also to ensure that there is quality assuredness for residents and renters where routine inspections are conducted to ensure that the buildings are safe.

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The costs to conduct these routine inspections will be included in the licensing fee that property owners will be required to pay. Licensing rental properties is an issue of concern in a number of landlords in the city because most of the property standards are vague and can be subjected to interpretation. The licensing and taxes that landlords pay are very high and this will result in the increment of the rental fee because the landlord cannot shelve the costs themselves and this will put a strain on those who rent their properties. In relation to the coursework, the city council ought to make laws considering the impact it will have on all stakeholders of that particular area. The government has a responsibility of making sure that its citizens have proper housing and ensure that building is set up to standards and tenants are not exploited by landlords and also housing is affordable. The government when licensing properties should do so in consideration of the impact it will have on residents and conduct proper research before implementation. The impact of the licensing taxes will impact negatively on the political environment in the country because people will see the leaders as not advocating for their rights instead championing for high taxation raising living standards.


The Post-Back-to-Work bill is Delayed by the Senate

The Senate delayed to their final decision on the post-back-to-work bill till Monday for the striking workers. Originally, the Senate supposed to sit Saturday as well as Sunday to review Bill C-89. This bill will order an end to postal workers' rotating strike. On Saturday a new motion was adopted to adjourn until Monday so that there could be efficient time to consider the legislation by looking at the evidence received during the Committee of the Whole, a statement from the Senate said as reported by Eric Stober of global news. The Senate sitting ought to have completed deliberation on the bill so that the striking workers know the governments stand on their demands before a new week starts so as to avoid inconveniences to those who use postal is inconsiderate and biased to push deliberation on the bill till Monday because it does not only affect those who work in the postal service alone. Having had time to ponder on the bill and come up with suitable solutions to the worker's problems it shouldn't have been pushed until Monday. With relations to the course the government should when making laws that affect the working population all stakeholders of the different organizations should be consulted and all the promises made by the government is the duty of the government to ensure that all its citizens work under suitable conditions and are given a good pay and favourable pension plans.


Accountability, Transparency and Corruption in Decentralized Governance

All organs of government of different countries in the world have been involved in massive corruption, especially third world countries. Many of the workers employed by the government to serve and oversee government resource engage in massive corruption of voluminous scales. Those elected by the electorate to represent them are also no exception because they shamelessly misappropriate the resources that are handed to them for the development of the areas they represent. This has been of influence on the citizens who are left with the burden of paying high taxes and increasing the cost of is the responsibility of every elected leader or those employed by the government to be accountable for their actions. Inflation and recess are hitting all over the world and countries are struggling to keep their economies running while government officials are amassing wealth at the expense of their countries. What really hurts is the fact that some African leaders misappropriate funds and invest in other countries. In relation to the coursework, the government needs to put up mechanisms that ensure accountability and transparency in all arms of the government to ensure that citizens do not suffer at the expense of corrupt government officials and employees.



Poverty has always been a very pressing issue in the world. Many organizations have come up with strategies on how they can reduce poverty. Government have struggled hard to reduce poverty lines in their countries. Some of the causes of poverty are poor governance, corruption, poor infrastructure, unending conflicts, limited employment opportunities, poor resource usage, unending conflicts, poor World Bank and IMF policies. According to the World Bank, in 2013, 42.3% of the population of sub-Saharan Africa lived on $1.90 or less per day, a principal factor of widespread hunger is poverty. Despite the efforts, governments are doing to reduce poverty little is bearing fruits and citizens continue to feel the effects of living in abject poverty. Putting this words in the course context, the responsibility of eradicating poverty and establishing lively hoods for families living in poverty lies on the government. Poverty being widespread and the economic capabilities of countries varying it's hard to eradicate poverty singly. Countries have to join hands and fight this menace of poverty.


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