Case Study: The Starbucks' Royalty Reigns

Published: 2023-01-08
Case Study: The Starbucks' Royalty Reigns
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The Starbucks' Royalty reigns case study depicts the importance of enthusiasm and determination in maintaining the competitive advantage of the company in this case, Starbucks Company. Globally, Starbucks Company is amongst the many most known and successful companies worldwide. It is one of the Companies breaking a record of having a rapid growth rate in its industry market. The growth is mainly influenced by the company's capabilities to enhance its customer base perception and quick adoption of new technologies thus giving its consumers an opportunity of utilizing the products and services offered for the long-term period. Based on past events, it is shown that under the present Schultz leadership who is the current Starbucks' CEO, Starbucks has had the option to improve its situation from being an ordinary company to being among the most involved and socially engaged organizations in the mid-1990s. As indicated by Schultz, Starbucks employees are authentic and genuine ambassadors running the organization thus, continual improvement of inspiration and abilities of working has a great influence from employees' rewards systems and recognition (Haskova, 2015).

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The company has been associated with super active marketing activities of its products and services while using social media platforms and campaigns of digital marketing in the past ages. In 2002, for example, Starbucks created WIFI configuration access to give its customer a connection line of ordering the company's offered products and services. After some time, it entered in a business partnership with Apple company which, as a result, introduced an opportunity for its customers to access Apple's i-tunes freely. All of this implementation is marketing strategies to attracting new consumers, among others, thus maintaining its competitive advantage. In 2011, the company presented its mobile application, thus offering an online platform for customers to order its services and products offered. As a result, it accomplished a consistent development up to the year 2015 gained success. Starbucks' company is presently considering to extend to its business further by presenting other income drivers, which will add to the aggressive model growth enhancements.


Currently Used Technologies by Starbucks’:Social Media Platforms and Tools of Digital Marketing

From the Starbucks Royalty Reigns, it is apparent that the company utilizes different marketing techniques and tools to draw more customers and maintain the loyalty of its customers. The principle angle which added to the rapid growth is its constant communication and capability to hold its clients through ads advertised using social media platforms. The exercises enabled its users and subscribers to submit their orders by utilizing their cell phone and pick their own choice of coffee. Starbucks' at present has roughly 11 million and 35 million Twitter followers and Facebook users, respectively. The organization has upgraded its social media viability through 'Starbucks Rewards' offer as a way of pulling in new customers. Generally, programs associated with rewards enable in this case, Starbucks' to remunerate their clients with free beverages and nourishment dependent on their buy levels.

Starbucks posts in social media frequently pull in numerous likes, and comments from its fans and the post alone demonstrate the vast traffic Starbuck's has in social media. It utilizes its Twitter platform to react to tweet images and customers' concerns (Taecharungroj, 2016). By doing this, Starbucks has the ability in promoting its services and products, and as a result, maintain an upper hand in its market industry. Twitter and Facebook platforms have demonstrated to be the most effective and efficient marketing platforms in social media and have empowered the company in building its brand name in the market and also gain customer loyalty.

How Increased Growth and Customer Loyalty Has Been Achieved by Using Social Media Platforms and Digital Marketing Tools

With more than 21000 stores around the world, clearly, any individual who is a coffee fan knows about Starbucks. Starbucks team of social media is doing incredible at offering excellent and effortless services to its customer base via its social media and digital marketing tools channels. Although Starbucks is a major company with global coverage, it still manages to give its customers individual consideration. This, without a doubt, empowers the clients to keep returning for more services and products.

One of the central points that have empowered Starbucks to prevail in online networking is upholding for coffee, just like a social action. The vast majority love meeting over a drink-coffee, exchange coffee stories, create coffee acquisitions in their morning schedules, and convey coffee to one another. Coffee drinking shared the experience is by expansion a characteristic fit for platforms like Twitter and Facebook. In the exemplary instance of 'build up to it, and they are going to come,' all that this organization has done is to make an online coffee consumers' place where the coffee lovers can assemble. This spot is found in the Facebook page and Twitter handle of Starbucks, and it causes customers to routinely visit this present organization's stores with the goal that they can show up in the online coffee customers base. As a result, Starbucks has had the option to expand growth in the market and build up customer loyalty by pulling in new customers who are allured by the current customers (Faisal, 2016). Starbucks online marketing approaches is undeniable to many, whether you are a coffee fan or not.

Generally, has the company manage to utilize correct social media platforms and digital marketing tools in building up its brand name? Yes. This can be depicted by its market share rapid growth and revenue over time. The future of most business organizations lies significantly on its social media, and digital marketing approaches thus an organization has to adopt this digital marketing tools and techniques and exploit them to their advantage (Queensberry, 2018). As mentioned above, the company started exploiting the benefits of using digital marketing and social media platforms in its marketing operations. Therefore, empowering it to coordinate its physical outlets with numerous accessible channels of social media. Starbucks has been adept at building up customers relation by utilizing Twitter and Facebook platforms, thus empowering it to pick up a high loyalty from its customers. Starbucks has utilized its platforms of social media and tools of digital marketing to stay in contact with both its targeted customers base, comprehend them better to improve its experience, products, and services to satisfy its customers' needs. To demonstrate responsibility towards this, the company has moved every one of the assets that it used traditional marketing strategies to digital media and social media marketing. Consequently, Starbucks' continues to maintain its competitive advantage in the market because of customer loyalty and satisfaction (Murray, n.d).


Based on the above analysis, Starbucks has managed to grow its customer loyalty and effectively control its customer base by using social media platforms and tools of digital marketing to build up its brand name. As a recommendation, I believe the company can attract more customers if they utilize another social media platform apart from Facebook and Twitter. That is Snapchat. The teenage age group prominently uses it between 14 to 25 years. According to Starbucks market segmentation, the age group 14-to-25 lies among the targeted customers. With the Snapchat platform, Starbucks customers will almost certainly share their photos and videos while enjoying the company's products and services from their places of comfort. At the point when these photos and videos trend, other individuals will likewise prefer to feel the experience in this manner, making them eager to check out the services and products offered by the company. Consequently, Starbucks will attract more new customers, customer loyalty increase, and also increase in revenue.


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