Free Essay Sample: Women, Microcredit, and Poverty Countries

Published: 2019-05-15
Free Essay Sample: Women, Microcredit, and Poverty Countries
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In many countries, women are the major victims of poverty due lack of knowledge or experience in their foundation. Nevertheless, there are many ways of creating a better life for women in future. These ways are diversified and depends on where they are applied and the available materials. Micro credit being one of the ways entails, small loans given to poor people to establish some kind of business and earn a living. The essay out to discuss ways in which, the future of women can be improved by providing micro credits and education to make them established and determined especially in the poor countries.

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The big question of solving poverty has deeply established itself but it is important to know the protocol required to the answer. Since poverty is a problem then how can we solve it? There are three-step plan model in solving poverty. The first step is to identify the problem and define it, then map it and identify people who can fix it. Poverty in women has been a challenge to many countries in the world. However, few problems result from that kind of a lifestyle. Poverty can result from ethnic poor backgrounds and lack of resources, civil wars, lack of education and knowledge, lack of empowerment and community discomforts. However, the largest number of people who have been affected by these factors are women. Women constitute half of the worlds population( Barker & Feiner, 2004).

The best way of empowering women to lead better future life is by empowering them in micro credits so that they can establish themselves and stop feeling alienated. Micro credit has become the major way of empowering women as the basis of their establishment. According to Susan, Feiner and Drucilla (2004), poverty has its structural causes and there is a need for collective responses. They also add that, broad- based civic commitments of providing income supports and increasing job opportunities does not solve the real problem but in spite, creates more problems since it denies the poor a chance for hard work. The only solution to poverty regardless of where the person could be is by making the poor to work harder and smart, source for education, practice family planning and be more responsible. It is true that market pays or responds to anybody who seeks to join the routine. In the market, women have to be smart and help themselves. Women comprise the largest number of people who seek for micro credit loans. Micro credit loan is an empowerment that makes people who are not well up to start small business that enables them to grow and make a change in life. Banks have set up small loans for the poorest people to access. The idea resulted from collaterals being a barrier to borrowing of loan by the poor people. Women are advised to form groups and join hands together as a circle so they can access loans. Thus, if one of them fails to repay the loan borrowed that would make the entire group ineligible to loans in future. Therefore, due to that, women would work together to repay the loans and continue accessing the micro credit loans which grow according to their savings. According to World Bank, micro credit empowers women by giving them more control concerning the domestic assets, property, more sovereignty and the power of making concrete decisions. More to that micro credit makes women more active in the public way of life. Secondly, education is a key to prosperity and failing to educate women is a denial of their rights to prosperity.

Empowerment of women in education is also a solution in making a better future for women. When women are educated, they have the power of expression and can provide some skills in the global world. For example, barefoot college has empowered women via training semi-literate and illiterate women to serve as barefoot solar engineers in Sierra Leone and Liberia (Roy & Hartigan, 2008). Barefoot college an UN Women across have made it possible for women to install, distribute and maintain family unit electrification and diminutive solar plants available for pinpointing clinic and maternal health centers.


Since the aim of the essay was to discuss ways in which, the future of women can be improved by providing micro credits and education to make them established and be determined especially in the poor countries, we draw a conclusion via indicating that women empowerment is a key in creation of better life to women in future. The basic way of empowering women is via provision of micro credit to them, which paves a way to make them develop business knowledge and ability to handle and coordinate processes. It also creates a chance for better establishment and state of responsibility in the households. The other way is by educating women so that they can gain knowledge. It is true that knowledge is power and when one is acquainted with knowledge, it never fails you in future.


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