Free Essay Exploring the Influence of Songs to the Civil Right Movement

Published: 2022-10-20
Free Essay Exploring the Influence of Songs to the Civil Right Movement
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Music like African American spiritual, folk music, and even folk music played a significant role in the civil right movement in the united states. All the musician and most singers collaborated with civil right ethnomusicology and most Africa American song collectors to disseminate music and songs to activist both at publications and even large meetings. These songs served the variety of functions ranging from motivative songs when they went for long marches and the music formed a psychological enhancement against the brutality and the harassment and even sometimes this music was significant and useful as a passing time music when they waited for something important. Hence this music took a very dynamic role in the road to freedom for the Africa American in the united state during the time for civil movement. Every song used to describe a specific mood which the people were facing. Its particular situation some time there very many sad songs that were produced when people died trying to fight for their freedom. Satire was one of the main aspects of the music as they had satire which they used to laugh with funny things that took place. In this essay, I will try to show how the song by Aretha Franklin "respect", Nani Simmons's song "the Mississippi Goddamn" and also Bob Dylan's song "time they are changing correlated with the civil right movement and their significance to the fight for people freedom.

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Aretha Franklin made one of the, most significant roles in the contribution in the blacks fight for civil right movement and the mainstream. Considering Aretha background where she was raised surrounded by activist especially her father who was a civil right activist and who was responsible for organizing Detroit walk to freedom. Through this up against bring it brought about her influence to her career. In the song "respect", this was the most iconic song of 1967 became one of them for both the civil rights and feminism. This music cover became part of the symbol for equality and even social justice. according to Franklin she regarded the song as women according to her deserved a lot of respect which she felt that children and women were the people at the lowest hierarchy concerning respect. Through the song now women had a voice (Sen, 2007). The choice of the theme of the song "respect" made it clear that Franklin embraced the culture and the beauty of the black woman. He styles of dressing were one of the influences for the song with her afro and because during the civil movement style was becoming even more political. Through her music influence, she was engaged in various social movement and raised the money from the song to civil rights figure like Martin Luther King. Franklin made some major team up with another activist who was prominent in distributing peace when they really couldn't get the freedom they wanted. Hence Franklin music the "respect" indeed correlated to the art of activism to black people.

Bob Dylan's unique song, "The Times They Are A-Something," was a unique song during the political and military disasters of the early 1960s that affected young youth and brought people together to lead. Necessary changes but also applied to the frustration and anger can make Americans feel full of the Vietnam War. What makes the song special is the people to the assembly to change. Is a songwriting method that can be used to describe the different time zones required for calls and hypnosis? It is the latest incarnation of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. 'When they have an A-something' and describe the description to the public. It means that Bob Dylan called the congregation in the early 1960s when he wrote the poem "Times they have a-something." He intended hypnotic music and the people wrote a short poem to hear what he said. In an interview with Cameron Crowe, Bob Dylan sang the song for the purpose. "It was the result of Irish and Scottish, I had a short paragraph and a big song, I wanted to write. The short and short way they are created is how to create it so well.

The song "Mississippi godman" by Nani Simone greatly influenced the civil right movement with song realized in the year 1964 which was this was the turbulence year of the civil rights of the struggle. According to the song, there is the high repetition of 'do it slowly which Nani simply referred the fact that there was the need to have some political moderation who encouraged the civil rights activists to move slowly. The realization of the song marked her point in the career an activist to the civil right movements which greatly influenced her professional music career (Sen, 2007). This resulted in the support of the Mississippi freedom project. Nani song produced some answers that the public message had been answered the song embraces her culture of being a black woman. Through her song, she brought back the dignity of the black people and hence she demanded the constitutional truth and hence the song brought about the complexity of the black identity in the united states. Hence in conclusion music has dramatically influenced the civil right movement in the united states.

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