Free Essay - Why School Hurts the African-American Community

Published: 2023-12-11
Free Essay - Why School Hurts the African-American Community
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America being a well-developed country with a lot of resources to support the country's economy, the education sector has always been taken seriously by the government as well as the citizens even though they seem to be having almost everything. The country comprises different races, from whites to blacks, they have had several challenges even though one race seems to be a bit challenged. Many people globally assume that racism is a long-gone issue in the United States after Obama was elected as the president of America, but this is not true since the blacks are still undergoing many challenges in the education sector because of their skin tone. Scholars such as Sowell Thomas have argued that "racism is not dead but on a life support (Sowell, 2019)." With the blacks learning in the same environment with the whites, the whites are always given much priority compared to the blacks; hence this affects the African Americans mentally. However, organizations such as UNESCO advocate for the equal learning environment and an opportunity without discriminating against any race (Hong et al., 2016). The advice is still not being looked at in the United States and even non-African states. However, learning in America as an African American hurts because of the challenges they face. However, still, they have placed the problems aside and strived through the difficulties to become successful.

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Research question

What are the challenges that African Americans experience in schools, which makes them hurt?

Race and racism in American schools

Though the issue is in almost every level of the education systems in the United States, colleges are experiencing this problem at a higher rate. With their race, they are always taken to be more involved in any wrongful acts than the whites. They have always been taken as if they were not smart in whatever they do and regarded as failures (Hong et al., 2016). When incidences such as criminal incidences occur, the first people the police officers always suspect in the learning institutions are the Negros since they are believed to be much involved in the criminal acts compared to the whites who are regarded as a good boy. Because of this problem of racism, many educated college students have always believed that the issue has contributed highly to their schools' unsuccessfulness.

Lack of enough support from the government in the education system

When one looks at where the United States has come from as a country, he cannot still believe that the students are not given equal opportunity in the education sector as others are funded well, whereas others are looked down upon. According to pew, a research center in America, approximately 23 percent of individuals ranging from 23 and above of the black citizens were holders of degree certificates (Fuller et al., 2019). Another percentage was comprised of white adults and the Asians. Therefore, the only way to change the percentage is by properly funding the education sector in the urban areas so that African Americans can get a decent education. Most blacks are always struggling to go to school, but with proper funding from the top government, they will be educated.

Oppression in learning institutions

Schools in the United States are mostly comprised of students and pupils from both races, the blacks, and whites since everyone has gone there intending to study to have a good career at the end. No student goes to school knowing that they will be looked down upon because of who they are or even due to their financial background but when they are in the school's things begins to change (Nelson, 2018). While in these schools, African Americans are now regarded as people with nothing. Even many times, when a criminal incidence occurs, they are the first suspects to be interrogated because of a crime in the schools. The kind of mistreatments they get makes most of them join the gangs in their hoods and drop out of school.

The median income of African Americans

Many African Americans in the United States are always in the middle social classes and lower than the whites, which a larger percentage of them are of higher social class; hence, they can provide anything to their children (Hagood, 2019). Most of the whites even come to school driving their cars while others even own expensive cars compared to the blacks who come with bicycles or even being brought to school by their parents. The circumstance affects most students mentally, and if it would be good, the government could set a fairground for all the students.

Believe that blacks are failures

Most of the whites have always been against the black students saying that they know nothing hence this has made the black students restrain from going to school because of the discrimination they are undergoing (McKay & Devlin, 2016). If they were giving every student equal opportunity to prove their worth, America would be an educational stronghold. The myth is always discouraging to many African American students in America. When they wake up every day going to school, thinking of how they are being viewed, their educational hopes get vanished.

In conclusion, every learner in the learning institutions should always be given equal opportunity without looking at who they are and how financially stable they are. With every learner's equal opportunity, the institutions will always gauge who is best and help the weaker ones be much better. Therefore, with the proper education system that does not look down upon others, no student or pupil, whether black or white, rich or poor, will blame the government or the parent that they were not provided with a good education. With a good education system, no one will complain but love school.

Reflection questions

The thesis statement answers the research question proposed. It brings about debatable topics to clarify the research question, taking a stance on what the issue is about.

My working thesis statement is one sentence that brings about debatable arguments concerning the topic. Therefore, throughout my discussion, I demonstrated reasons as to why schools hurt African American’s.

Detailed research and analysis of why blacks are hurt in schools are supposed to be a place they go to acquire knowledge and skills.

I started by coming up with several reasons why African Americans feel hurt in schools and explain why they are broken. Identifying the causes will assist us in coming up with solutions to the problem, but for now, my topic was based on why they feel hurt in schools.


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