Essay Example on Network Management

Published: 2019-11-04
Essay Example on Network Management
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The need to achieve quick results and manage time in this fast pace of life and century is a serious concern. Technological advancement has revolutionized communication systems creating a network, which is a combination of nodes creating a path that relays information from point to point. This article discusses how network providers can enhance network management and steps that can be followed in ensuring the provision of a network that is scalable, available and resilient.

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In the characterization of a network, the distance and data are some of the features used. The use of the internet in networking facilitates sharing of information between companies or individuals, especially through communication devices such as the telephones. In managing networks, administrators put up strategies to minimize accessibility by setting up restrictions on who uses the network.

The administrator is the determiner of when connections to the network are to be made, Creemer (2012). Thus, the electronic mail operates on a system dictated by the internet service provider (ISP). It is during the installation and configuration process of the server that the administrator specifies the communication time based on the attainment of a certain maximum number of messages.

It is the responsibility of the network administrators to utilize the available software, hardware, and technology in managing the performance of the network. According to Creemer (2012), network management encompasses the areas of security, reliability and performance standards. In the matter of security, intelligent notifications or alerts installation will enable the administrator to be notified of any improbability such as the case of a trespass. In performance, it is essential to carry out performance analysis test. This undertaking is achievable through tracking the indicators of performance and following network management protocols.

Steps to Take in Ensuring the Availability, Resilience and Scalability of Networks

A network is structured such that in the case of faulting or threats, it is able to maintain high standards of service. Natural disasters, as well as targeted attacks threaten the performance of the network. In minimizing the potential of the threats, it is important to identify the possible channels through which threats could occur. Provision of a network storage system ensures that data is managed and available for retrieving.

Creemer (2012) describes the need to create a redundant network system where the multiple channels provide an optional functioning system in the case of failure in the main system. The availability of the network entails its capabilities in responding to the consumers request. Performance checks on the hardware devices such as the Central Processing Unit (CPU), checking the memory space on disk updating and upgrading network application programs ensures efficient network system performance.

The creation of a system that manages the resources of a network is a step towards ensuring the scalability of these resources and maintaining the availability of the network. According to the invention by Creemer (2012), a system; whereby, the performance of a network becomes predictable and manageable is attained. On installing a network management system, it is important to ensure that it has provisions for detecting errors, provides visibility on the network usage, and supports a system of monitoring wireless devices connected to the network. Additionally, the network management system should be able to map any new device added onto the network, especially when it comes to ensuring internet usage is scalable.


The importance of installing proper network management system software is essential in managing the functionality and the results attainable from a network. A provision for disaster coverage should be clearly provided as an insurance to mitigate on loses. Concurrently, network administrators have a responsibility in managing the network, which they should carry out diligently.


Creemer, D.Z. (2012). U.S. Patent no. RE 43, 144. Washington, DC: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

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