Why Nursing career became a choice

Published: 2023-01-10
Why Nursing career became a choice
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Becoming a nurse has been all time dream since long ago. Even though I have been a dietitian for the past twenty years in the same field, I still wanted to become something more than just a dietitian. In as much as I wanted to become a nursing student one day, I never found it to be easy from the requirements that were to be met to the qualification exam. I can say that it has been a long journey; yet there is still another long journey, but at least I have made a step. The sole reason why I chose nursing as my career choice is that I wanted to explore, I want to be more than what I have been doing all those years. It is not enough to stay in one place for a very long time. Naturally, human beings are made to be adventurous; they will want to explore and want to find out more about many things that are in holding. It is not enough to just be doing one thing repeatedly the rest of life. This is the reason why in my decision I decided that I should do something challenging, something that will thrill me and sharpen me, something that will change my mind and my way of thinking so that I will stop thinking within the box and start thinking beyond the box.

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According to Yoo, and Park (2015), one thing with nursing is that it is a career that will always require you to think and solve problems. There is so much that is involved in nursing, and the nurses need to be ever ready to face and cope with every difficult situation that they come across. In so doing, the nurses never remain the same; there is a way their general thinking and general viewing of things change towards the society and human kind. It is a nice thing to attend to a fellow human being and see them recover from their illness. It feels good and brings a sense of satisfaction when you see someone else coming back to their normal way of life after attending to them physically, mentally and even emotionally. There is a certain satisfaction that comes as a result of helping people. But most of all, there is very reason again that makes me chose to pursue a nursing career, I want the nursing practice to be an added advantage so that I am qualified in the two areas: dietitian and nursing. It is right, therefore, to say that I chose nursing to look for green pastures and above all increase my chances for opportunities in the wider market by increasing my competencies.

The Philosophy of Nursing

A philosophy of nursing is usually a statement that most of the times act as a guiding statement for the daily conduct of a nurse (Matua, 2015). In other words, it is a statement; sometimes it might be in writing that states the values, beliefs and the ethics of a nurse concerning their occasional care and treatment of patients while in line of duty throughout their nursing profession. The philosophy helps appropriately approach an individual's profession even though as a philosophy it may seem for academic purposes solely. It then means that an individual can develop their philosophy as a nurse. When an individual develop their nursing philosophy, it is an advantage to your career and the very many lives of people that a nurse provides the much care to and their respective families. Therefore, it is essential that each nurse develops their philosophy at an individual level that will act as their guiding principle. There is nothing like having a nursing philosophy in general alone. The nurses are not limited in terms of choosing the philosophy of the individual choice. Interesting enough a nurse's philosophy will continue growing as they grow as nurses.

Successful in Nursing Program

I am so convinced that whatever may, I am and will ever succeed in this program. One of the things that makes me feel positive about the program is that it is something I felt I had a passion for especially after practising in a similar field of a dietitian for so long. It came alive and fresh to me that I am capable of enrolling into the program and come out at the end of it all not only with good grades but with major, edge cutting practical skills and the ability to apply whatever I will have learnt in class into a practical use. The number two reason why I think I will be successful in this program is that because I am determined to do my best, I am literally burning from the inside out to become one of the best practicing nurses in the whole region before I dream of becoming the best in the whole nation. Practicing nursing is a choice I made and I am so determined to do my best. Because I am struggling financially, it is apparent that I will never want to waste this chance that is based on an act of sacrifice.

Challenges and Obstacles that Need to Overcome

One of the major challenge that I will need to overcome for the sake of my success in nursing program is independence. Personally, I have an attitude of working alone, it has been a big issue when it comes to team playing even at my former workplace. This an area that I have been struggling with. Fortunately, I am counting it an achievement that I already have several close friends that are in the same field of nursing. I have hope and great anticipation that through this friendship, I will be able to work in groups and engage in fervent group discussions that are number one way of learning especially for a comprehensive program like nursing. Nursing will require much discussion for better understanding and perfecting. I will also strive hard to make sure that I overcome a giving up spirit that often comes during practical.

Motivation to Becoming a Nurse

One thing that motivates to become a nurse is that I will be always sought for help and that I will remain to be of utmost service to human kind. It is motivation to help someone who was dyeing recover from a certain illness. It is also a motivation to help usher in new borns into the world. It is something that will always make you have a satisfaction of heart. Above all saving a life is itself a big motivational factor. It is surprising that as a nurse my ever job will be striving hard to prevent people from succumbing to death by offering them medication so that they will be well again. One last thing that motivates me in the nursing program is that it is a job that will not leave me with the same status of life, my status will change

In conclusion, I can only attest that I have a testimony of myself throughout this paper. Therefore, I am very confident that my choosing of nursing program was not a mistake neither was it by default but by design. It is also essential as a nurse to have your own philosophy to become a successful nurse, this philosophy acts as a guiding principle. To wrap it up, it is necessary to overcome every challenge and obstacle on your way to make sure that you reach your goal and dream, challenges will always be there but as a nurse practitioner, you should find ways that will help you overcome them and head toward the finishing line of success. Most of all it is also necessary that a practicing use has a motivational factor, in other words, the nurses should have something that keep on motivating them and becoming great people as they are expected to become in the society since they are lifesavers. Motivations keeps the nursing program, nursing career and nursing practice enjoyable so that one fills like they can never quit otherwise they would lose and miss the fun.


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