Essay Example. Nursing Theory Selected

Published: 2023-03-18
Essay Example. Nursing Theory Selected
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The nursing model or theory that will help Jenny in assessing Mr. Duran and planning his care would be the self-care deficit nursing theory. Dorothy E. Orem formulated the theory in 1959-2001 (Hartweg, 1991). The primary philosophy of the theory is that patients have to take care of themselves. The concept of the model is that the nurse is supposed to provide specialized care to persons with disabilities to promote self-care and that the health is being structurally and functionally whole or sound for an individual and a group (McEwen & Wills, 2017). The model would fit in Duran's case because he is supposed to take care of his diabetic condition at home with the help of his wife. The nurse would only come in where Duran is unable to meet his obligations with the help of his wife. The role of the nurse would be educating the patient and his wife on how to take or give insulin shots and establishing his treatment plan in collaboration with other health personnel (McEwen & Wills, 2017).

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Additional Information for Collection

Jenny should collect more information about the patient's family so that to establish a care plan that fits them. She should inquire about Duran's knowledge of diabetes and what he and his wife have been told. It includes knowledge of diet and exercise and general lifestyle. Besides, the nurse should collect more information about Duran's culture and beliefs about diabetes.

Initiating the Care Plan

Initiation of the care-plan should begin with the nurse educating the patient and his wife about diabetes and then on how to manage it using insulin shots. The care plan should include the directions of the use of insulin shots, lifestyle, diet, and exercise. The nurse should thus inform the patient and his wife on the behaviors to avoid, foods to take, and stress management strategies.

Use of a Different Theory

If the nurse used a different model to manage the patient, assessment, and planning for the patient would be different. It is because the other plans do emphasize self-care. Thus, the other methods would require that the nurse be fully involved in the management of diabetes for Mr. Duran. For instance, Neumann's theory encourages the prevention of disease to improve patient health. Thus, it would concentrate on other variables rather than the patient's self-care (Neumann & Fawcett, 2002).


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