Community Service for Graduation, Free Essay in Education

Published: 2017-10-10
Community Service for Graduation, Free Essay in Education
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Community service is an important factor used by many institutions in cultivating curriculum systems. As such, the condition provides a vital evaluation of the students in the outside world while seeking employment. This process gives students credit to the community and while enhancing their prior experience in schools alongside academics. However, some students consider community service as a form of punishment to them. In essence, I support the idea of conditioning community service in most of the institutions as it points out an insight understanding of a conscientious dedication to the community and part of a well-structured education system.

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Community work is considered a substantial requirement that increases student’s satisfaction and ability to perform tasks at extended period. In particular, inducement of the service project into the curriculum means that students will be required to allocate their extra time to give a hand in other activities such as, giving out civic education to the mass, maintaining proper hygiene of the environment and helping the need to in the society. Nevertheless, students are taught how to match academic work alongside other community undertakings. To achieve individual development of service provision in employment sector, states should incorporate service provision in the curriculum of school system as part of academic routine and a necessity before graduation.

On the other, the system is hard to implement due to inadequate availability of service opportunities around students in most of the institutions, deficiency in transportation of students to places where they are needed, here the diverse perspectives of most of the agency as well the preference of some students. However, these particular situations can be rectified through rewarding and allocating distinctive credit in the academics of those students who specifically participate in community work. In this case, I opine instant implementation of volunteer service work as part of the academic qualification of graduating students as it enhances their social and professional skills alongside their academics.

Undergraduate students should be subjects to community service, as it is one among the techniques believed to promote integration and unity among people and students and institution. However, this analogy has been challenged by a fact that it is going to pose very big burden to the students. Many students are going to be forced to do extra work besides academic. Basing on the prior experiences, I personally agree with fact that community service should be made mandatory in schools due its substantial effects. When students are subjected to community programs, they nurture the skill of communal work and administrative skills as well. Notably, community service should not only be valued at institution level but also in student’s advanced studies, occupation and further community participation. In as much as it enhances team building, community service may work as key to open student’s sponsorship opportunities to study.

Advancement of knowledge and skill is also enhanced in the process. Community participation gives chance to students to erect upon on the existing knowledge. As they participate in community service, they engage volunteer schemes to look at and improve on the existing knowledge. On the other hand, community service as a mandate for graduating students was discovered to place much benefit to the recipient of the service and fails to directly benefit the students as accorded in their opinions and views. This may not be the case in real-life situations; student may discover able occupation and develop better ideas on how to explore in the field. Moreover, community service gives them an opportunity to practice what they have learned in class. Volunteer work as well supplements their ideas and models which enables them to see how best the models work out in reality.


Community services serve a great role in promoting a sense of accountability and satisfaction. Accountability enhances student’s ability do things in a better way and achieve a sense of self-satisfaction upon realizing what they have done work best. In my own analysis I opine the service scheme to be incorporated to the curriculum for the betterment of their life and academics.

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