Free Essay on Women Changing the World

Published: 2019-01-10
Free Essay on Women Changing the World
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The Relevance of the Study

The following individuals were feminists and their major concern was the rights of women. Dr. Vandana Shiva is a physicist and philosopher from India. She advocates for women's rights in the agricultural environment. Her aim is to protect the resources, livelihood, and well-being of Indian farmers. Secondly, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie hails from Nigeria and writes novels and short stories. Some of her novels include the Purple Hibiscus of 2003, half of a Yellow Sun of 2006 and Americanah of 2013. She represents and appreciates different cultures in her stories. She also advocates for the rights of women in the society. Thirdly, Nancy wake is a well-known figure in the French resistance during the Second World War. She worked as an ambulance driver, helping the British soldiers who were trapped by the collapse of France to escape back home making her a heroine.

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Malalai Kakar worked as a top female police officer in Afghan province. She expressed the importance of having female police officers although they were prime targets of sexual assaults and murder. She was later assassinated by two gunmen as she was getting into her car to go to work. Finally, Malala Yousafzai, also known as Malalai advocated for the right to education for the girl child. Her mother was afraid about her participation in such activities but her father supported her. They faced several threats but this did not stop them.

The different roles played by the women named above are important in the society today The women exhibit a character that can help in appreciating and understanding different people and their cultures. They mainly advocated for the rights of women in various ways despite the threats they received. As a result, women can understand their rights. Similarly, through their advocacy in novels and the media, women's rights became an issue of concern to the government as well. They have come up with laws that aim at protecting the rights of women and the society as a whole. People in the society also appreciate the efforts made by these women.

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