Free Essay: Why Legalizing Gay Marriages is Inevitable

Published: 2019-11-04
Free Essay: Why Legalizing Gay Marriages is Inevitable
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Legalizing gay marriages has been one of the controversial topics in the last couple of years, not only in the U.S. but also in other nations. In essence, how and whether the civil society should go ahead and recognize same-sex marriages has increasingly become a prominent and divisive issue. Supporters of the legalization of relationships between same-sex partners usually frame their arguments using human rights and justice to all regardless of the sexual orientation. The opponents invoke religious teachings and tradition to support their positions. Importantly, the natural family law stipulates that in order to preserve a family, then people should fight for a system that rewards a heterosexual parent household. Proponents of the natural law argue that heterosexual relationships instill the procreative function of couples; and there are clear roles of women and men, as well as the assertion that women are the fabric of the development of home and children. The critiques of this view point out that it is discriminatory, and the restrictions that have been placed on homosexual partners are unfair. However, taking a stand that supports gay marriages and equal rights for both heterosexual and homosexual couple, this current paper, will support the legalization of gay marriages using pathos, logos, and ethos. In essence, more women are increasingly working outside their homes, families have a non-procreative function, as well as the fact that the roles of men and women in the society have changed in the last couple of decades.

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Before supporting the idea of same-sex marriages, it is vital to provide the various reasons proponents of the natural law give to discredit gay marriages. Often, this is usually based on religion. Based on ethos, as (Brewer, 281), asserts, they argue that same-sex marriages have not been there in the past, and it is something that is loathed, only in the pasts few years has it been practiced. Also, since most of the proponents of the natural law are religious, they cite the bible that gay marriage is neither biblical nor right because marriages are mainly for procreation, and allowing gay marriages would be against the primary intention of marriage, procreation (Brewer, 280). Also, they assert that gay marriages are against the natural order of thigs as it is not natural. In addition, they point out that the gay marriages are an abomination because the church clearly articulates that it is evil if a man is to lie with another man.

Based on pathos, the proponents of the natural law point out that gay marriages are not right because it would be like forcing something that should not be forced, and also it is an agenda to piss the natural law proponents. In essence, they say that it is like a war that they must win, which is not right because there are clear roles of both women and men in the society. Based on logos, the opponents of gay marriages point out that it is not a debate of civil rights because being married is not a universal right because many have not married and that may not necessarily affect their life (Brewer, 281). Besides, they point out that it is only logical for women to raise children because women are the fabric of the development of home and children.

However, these arguments can easily be disapproved to support gay marriages. In essence, based on ethos, many known celebrities are gay and have even married, including media personality Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi, Jesse Tyler Fergusson and Justin Mikita, as well as Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka just to mention a few. Besides, President Obama supports ay marriages citing equality as the main reason for supporting gay marriages (Calmes and Baker, n.p). Therefore, this reveals that same-sex partners can marry without any adverse effects, and it is their choice to do so. Therefore, the unprecedented judgment from religion is not fair because they are living their life the way they want it, and everyone is entitled to do what they please with their life for as long as it is not adversely affecting or harming others and within the legal parameters. Besides, the gay are not inherently bad, and thus, they should not be treated with discrimination, rather, they should be treated with love (Wight, LeBlanc and Badgett, 339).

In addition, those who do not support same-sex marriages citing religious reasons, they need to know that being a Christian does not support hatred towards any individual, as the Bible clearly says that people should love their neighbors, and to hate gay couples is contrary to what they actually believe in. Based on pathos, the idea of treating gay people disrespectfully because they have made personal decisions of doing so is not right. Also, the kind of ridicule that the young gays, or children raised by gay couples, go through, is burdensome and takes a toll on their self-confidence, which is not right at all (Manning, Fettro, and Lamidi, 486). Also, it is important to point out that the family is not meant for procreation alone, rather, it is also meant for raising children and helping each other as a couple. For this reason, the opponents of gay marriages are wrong on that aspect, as gay couples usually support each other in their lives, and they can perfectly raise children. Even though they cannot procreate, there are modern technologies that can allow them to have children and raise them just as heterosexual parents do. Also, it is important to the roles of men and women are changing. Women are performing tasks for men. For instance, single parents who are women can raise their children perfectly. In addition, more women are increasingly working outside the home, which means that men can also take care of the children. Therefore, women are no longer the main fabric of the development of home and children because men can also do these tasks.

Lastly, on logos, it is logical to legalize gay marriages because the opponents and proponents will always have a backlash against each other, and thus, it seems logical that having prejudices against the homosexuals will only increase tensions. To avoid this, legalizing gay marriage will provide a solution for peaceful coexistence between heterosexuals and homosexuals. Also, with same-sex marriages being a reality as people openly live as same-sex couples. The constitution protects citizens against discrimination based on sexual orientation, and thus, it is only logical to legalize it to eliminate instances of prejudices and inequality. Besides, since the society advocates equality, it is only logical to legalize it, as this will ensure that everyone is equal even when they choose a gay life. As such, it can be concluded that legalizing gay marriages is vital because the family has non-procreative functions, the roles of men and women have changed, as well as the fact that more women work outside the home.

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