Essay Sample on Recruitment and Selection Plan for Benefits Manager

Published: 2023-01-31
Essay Sample on Recruitment and Selection Plan for Benefits Manager
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Identifying the best employee is not easy, and it requires a human resource manager to take appropriate steps that ensure the organization recruit a person that has all the skills and proficiencies that meets the job requirement. To carry out a proper recruitment process, various resources can be used in selecting a manager of the benefit in the organization. Examples of these resources include recruiting software, split placement, web search, social media and job board (Catano & Fitzgerald, 2009). Before spending many hours looking for candidates, it is essential to check ATS for recruiters to identify candidates who are available in the company database. Split placement resource is critical in helping the organization get more candidates by allowing one recruiter to supply the job, and the other provides candidates. Job boards are a resource where open positions are posted for various candidates to see and apply for the job. Web search is a final recruiting resource essential for identifying an ideal candidate while social media is required in informing the public that there is an open position in a given organization for people to apply.

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In the initial screening of candidates, there are various topics of discussions the candidate must respond to. The candidates will be asked to describe themselves, the kind of leadership they would use to improve the performance of the organization and what they would do to build teamwork and motivate other workers (Catano & Fitzgerald, 2009). These topics are critical because they will make the recruitment panel to identify a candidate who understands how to motivate workers, build teamwork and offer leadership that improve the employee attitudes towards their work. Example of screening questions that would ask include: Suppose you have been allowed to become the manager, what can you do to ensure there is teamwork and how can you motivate workers to meet the organization expectations?

The reemployment testing that would be carried out to test the appropriateness of the candidate who has been selected includes personality testing and skill test. The personality test will help in identifying if the candidate who has been chosen as the required personality such as aggressiveness, kindness and responsible. Skill test confirms if the selected candidate has skills such as interpersonal skills, problem-solving skills and team working skills. These two test help in identifying a candidate who is fit for the job as compared to other candidates who have appeared for an interview.

The individual interview format is more essential for this work because it allows the organization to identify candidates with the right competencies they are looking for (Collins, 2007). The questions must be formatted in such a way they can test whether each candidate has the competencies the organization is looking for in the candidates. Example if the organization is looking for candidates with skills such as leadership, team working, conflict resolution and decision making, they must ask questions in the format shown below:

  • Conflict Resolution
    • Can you tell us what has been most difficult for you to deal with at work?
    • How do you think you can appropriately deal with the situation when we give you this opportunity?
  • Teamwork
    • Can you please describe a period you worked as part of the team to execute specific duties? What was your responsibility?
    • How did you handle converging opinion of your fellow workers during that period?

Catano, V. &, Fitzgerald. (2009). Recruitment and Selection in Canada. Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.

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