Diet Coke Essay Example

Published: 2018-08-21
Diet Coke Essay Example
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Diet Coke History

In any business setup, the strategies used for communications must be convincing enough to the intended audience so that recognizable sales can be made on that particular goods and services. Ideally, advertisement tries to convince the target group to purchase specific products through engaging their needs and wants. Thus, the advertisement can be presented in the form of newspapers, on the internet, billboards, and magazine to mention but a few. Coca-Cola Company has been in existence in the market since 1886, and it has been able to gain a competitive advantage over their competitors due to the appealing modes of advertisement that they use to market their product. For instance, in this essay, an evaluation of the diet coke ad will be carried on, where the main point of interest will be on the different elements such as color, font, logo and the image and they are significant towards attracting Coke consumers globally. The aspect of the ads that will be discussed in the paper are the description of their meaning and importance that they have in the advertisement of diet coke.

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Element of color and its significance

Firstly, diet coke advertisement has some brown color effect on the better part of the background, with the words in the advert written in white and others red. These colors are a presentation of fun, cool spirit, romance, adventure, and danger. Precisely, the threat as shown by these colors is a presentation of fun. Needless to say, the purpose of mixed color choices in this advert is to ideally attract a big target in the market place considering that they are appealing and attractive. Also, at the background of the ad, there are shades of light blue. This is used mainly to bring a calm effect to the audience. Looking at it so fast can set an idea in the mind of the audience that the aim setting of the ad occurs at the beach, but yes, with no presence of sand can oppose it. Thus, for the broad audience that might have come across this advert, look at the picture and do not understand them can be sole as a result of poor color interpretation skills.

Element of font and its significance

The second ad element is the font. Each item in the ad is presented in their unique font sizes. For example, the words coke is displayed with the biggest size of the font, which are red in color. The main idea behind is to ensure easy recognition of the product since there are other drinks in the market. Also, the font for the word “diet” is presented in white color, which is clear given that the background is black. The font is relatively big and also presented in a way that the consumers can view them. Also, the font is attractive since there are different contrasting colors aimed at conveying the same meaning.

Element of Diet Coke Logo and Its Significance

Thirdly, the logo is the other element presented in this ad. Obviously, the main logos that mostly appear in most coca cola advertisements is the coke bottle. It appears to be quite successful since it represents the whole brand. Coke bottle is also preferred since the target groups easily identify it. Also, the slogan used to in this ad is “regret nothing” can be termed useful considering that one should not be worried about his or her health after taking it. The slogan can also be related to the two girls in the advertisement, who are visibly seen to be jubilant and they are actually “regretting nothing.”

Element of image and its significance

On the last bit, the images that are presented in the ad portrays different kind of information to the audience. As earlier mentioned, there are two girls, who have been used in this case to draw the attention of the public, especially the youths. Also, the facial appearance that these girls have reveals their happiness after they have taken a coke drink. As a result, the audience feels attracted to take the same drink to get the exact kind of refreshment like shown by these girls. Their sitting posture also indicates that they are enjoying that moment and it seems like they are on a vacation. Subsequently, the audience may also feel attracted that this drink is the best to take when one is on vacation. Thus, in general, the whole image of this ad highlights a happy and celebratory mood as depicted by these girls, and also presents a feeling of the taste of coke drink that they are advertising.

Thus, the different ads that are contained in this advertisement are but just an appeal to the customers. The customers or the target market are encouraged to purchase the commodities since they are safe and awesome for the human consumption. Such innovative advertising strategies are the ones that have kept Coca Cola market in the market for quite a long and also be able to effectively compete with their competitors.

In conclusion, it is clear that each element in the diet Coke ad’s advertisement reveals a different type of information, but the purpose is to attract the target market to use the product. A mixture of colors have been used to present an attractive environment, and also persuade the audience to use the coke product. On the other hand, a visible font has been used, where even the slogan of the advertisement can be seen from a distance. This has mainly been used to promote comfortable viewing of the ad. The logo has been used to represent the whole Coke products, while the images reveal an overwhelming feeling that one achieves once they take coke products.

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