Free Essay Sample on Why Is Evolution False

Published: 2019-10-04
Free Essay Sample on Why Is Evolution False
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Evolution is the gradual process of development of different types of living organisms from simple to more complex organism (Clement, 2015). Scientists have tried hard to prove the theory of evolution. Many people more so Christians have refuted the theory of evolution saying that it is a hoax. Personally, I dont support the evolution theory because I believe there must have been a supreme being who created the flora and fauna in the first place. The essay, therefore, seeks to illustrate the fact that the theory of evolution is false.

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The creationist beliefs on the biblical account which discloses where life began of which it places the almighty God in the middle of science (Van, 2012). The religion of the evolutionist is called materialism which signifies a philosophical system that regards substance as the only reality on earth. Materialism goes ahead to explain all the events within the universe as a result of the conditions and the activity of matter which therefore refutes the existence of the Almighty God and soul (Barnes, 2014). The question that arises from this believe is then who created the conditions necessary for the start of life. The answer is God (Clement, 2015).

The idea of natural selection does not advance the evolution theory in any way (Van, 2012). The Changes within ecosystem only indicates the changes that occur from an already existing species to another species. The fact that organisms are becoming better adapted to the changing ecosystems does not prove the theory of evolution (Clement, 2015). God may have created organisms that are capable of transforming to cope with the evolution of earth and therefore no proof of evolution. Scientists have used the resistance of diseases to drugs to proof their theory, but this is the loss of information to battle diseases and bacterial. There has been no information given of organisms transforming to new organisms due to evolution.

Mutation does occur in organisms, and they do not indicate any evolution as there is no novel genetic evidence taking place (Barnes, 2014). Deformities cause destruction to the species rather than positive growth. Due to mutations, organisms develop into other organisms before the function of genes do take place. Scientists whom support evolution have not proven that mutations increase information other than changing the kind of information available (Rosenhouse, 2012).

To evolutionists, the presence of common structures among common ancestors is a reality (Van, 2012). This is not factual due to the differences and similarities in the DNA. Evolutionist gets difficult in explaining the consistency of the amino acids as the DNA just gives only a molecular clock. For the occurrence of this, there needs to be a constant rate of mutation over time of which is impossible (Clement, 2015). Even though Evolutionists postulate that life started from nothing developing through different process resulting to a complex creature, this is not true. To creationist like me, we were created as an image of the mighty God and therefore no such occurrence that happened (Barnes, 2014).

The easiest ways those scientists are demonstrating the idea of evolution is through fossil records (Rosenhouse, 2012). When the findings of the evolutionist are examined, there is an absence of the intelligent beings at the bottommost part of the fossil records. There is only a handful of transitional pieces and for these facts, it is debatable. Some transitional fossils of certain species do not bring out an accurate account of the connection between the living matter and the non-living matter, vertebrates to invertebrates and multi-cell to single-cell (Van, 2012).

At present, according to the evolutionist, 95 percent of the world species have gone extinct (Rosenhouse, 2012). These findings are not factual as there are over a million different species of which only 250,000 of the fossils remain (Barnes, 2014). If these were real, then there could have been less active species as compared to the fossils. The creationists provide a different interpretation regarding fossil records due to the global flood (Rosenhouse, 2012). The extension of creatures can occur as we struggle to battle destruction and disease due to the sin of man. Evolutionists observe the stratum of the earth as ages while the creationists examine the earth as the burial site due to the global flood (Barnes, 2014).

The fact that some organisms fight hard to survive the wrath of Mother Nature while others are eliminated is not sufficient proof to show evolution (Abc, 2014). Before the evolution of something is proofed, the origin has to be known and with evolutionists, this cannot be proofed. Also, even though there is an occurrence that results in the change of a species, no new information is gained (Rosenhouse, 2012). Species often improve as a result of the loss of information and therefore there is no occurrence of evolution.


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