Free Essay on Factors Influencing Adoption of Green Technology on a Manufacturing Firm

Published: 2019-10-15
Free Essay on Factors Influencing Adoption of Green Technology on a Manufacturing Firm
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Technology has been known for its application that involves the application of knowledge for practical fulfillment. In the normal context, technology has acted as a leverage to allow people to become more efficient in handling things which seemed impossible before. In order to take advantage of a technology, it demands to be efficiently linked to the overall objectives of a country and the solving of the socio-economic problems (Committee, 2011). However some of the existing technologies are not environmentally safe and a good example is a technology that is existing in the oil industry. Generally, this is a dirty industry, in that the industry in it processing and excavation process, brings out harmful materials into the environment Manahan, 2006). Some of the dirt released into the environment may not be avoided since machinery is to be used to tear into the earth in order to access oil itself, which is essential in our daily operation. Later into the environment petroleum consumption is also a great danger to the environment through its consumption by the motor vehicles exhaust fumes and even the industrial pollution (II & Cooke, 2014).

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Viewing problems that are as a result of mining technology especially in the mining sector to the environment, the alternative solution had to be introduced. This includes water purification, recycling, sewage treatment, water purification, remediation, solid waste management and flue gas treatment. These are usually known as Green Technology; it offers environmental solutions to the damage caused by technology (Sarsby & Meggyes, 2001).

Most of the world's industries continue to depend on the technologies with negative impact on the environment, despite the urgent need for environment conservation (Ghose, 2000). Adoption of green technology has been seriously slow with some mining and manufacturing industries shying away from adopting green technology (Hu, 2014).

Major objective

This has therefore created the gap to investigate factors that influence adoption of green technology by mining firms as the major research objectives.

Specific objectives

The specific objectives include examining how legislation influences adoption of green technology, how perceived benefits influences adoption of green technology, how corporate social responsibility influences the adoption of green technology and the last objectives are how top management commitment affects adoption of green technology.


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