Free Essay: Why I Am a Feminist

Published: 2019-09-26
Free Essay: Why I Am a Feminist
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I understand feminism is a theory of equality of both sexes either economically, politically or socially. I have come to understand that fighting for women's rights has been accompanied by man-hating. Many girls drop out of school at a tender age of 15, and some lack the courage to express their feeling. Women like Ngozi Chimamanda Adiche are forced to dress in male suits against their personal dressing desire. I think this should stop. A woman, as well as a man, is entitled to optional dressing and grooming. The fight for Equal rights for anyone regardless of the gender is what motivates me. People believe that if a woman depresses her femininity, then she is most likely to be taken seriously. I believe women need to be respected with all their femaleness.

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Womens health, safety and rights are being attacked by social systems and as a feminist, I cannot sit back to watch this happen. For many years, I feared being referred as feminist since I thought had not worked hard enough to earn the designation. Most of the women are victimized by violent men, and I am forced to bring an end to this patriarchy. Emma Watson demands gender to be viewed as a spectrum and not as dual sets of contrasting standards. She compares contrasts various gender stereotypes that prevent men and women from beings equal. She disagrees with the notion that men should be aggressive and women submissive. As much as I am nervous, I encourage myself that it is upon me to bring an end to this belief and motive towards women (Watson).

Chimamanda confirmed how hard it is to engage a gender since people find it uncomfortable and irritable. People avoid the topic of feminism and generalize it as human rights thinking that it is gender biased. But I believe that in so doing we will be running away from the truth. It is beyond denial that Women have been radicalized for centuries. I believe we can only solve the oppression by acknowledging the problem. Chimamanda reveals the duality of feminism when she touches the aspect of forcing boys to become masculine. She gives an example which I support fully. She questions the reason to why a boy would be compelled to settle bills to show masculinity and yet they were both taken to school with meager pocket money (Chimamanda).

We force men to be hard and also train then to avoid weakness, fear, and vulnerability as it would undermine their masculinity. I also agree with the fact that we the harder we compel a man the weaker his ego becomes. On the contrary, women are taught to be submissive and shrink themselves. What do most parents advise the children? Girls are asked to be successful but not too much for they will threaten men. We deter from being ambitious and to deny the fact that they provide for their families. By so doing we undermine feminism.

I am a feminist because am against all these odds. I believe everyone has a right to live as we fit without constraints. I backup any woman in the world who fights to be successful and who is ambitious. As Watson recommends, women should be involved in a countrys decision making and policy making. Watson relates her life as a privileged one since she grew up in environments where her actions were supported. I also want the same for every other woman in the world. Women should be respected and not to be merely seen as submissive creature meant only to give birth and raise families (Chalquist).

Watson also proves that feminism is not only for women when she gives an example of her male friends not being able to express themselves. She wants the message to reach the whole world and recruit more boys and girls to the movement, "How can we effect change in the world when only half of it is invited or feel welcome to participate in the conversation?" it is time feminism brought meaning to the world. The time is now to advocating for feminism. I am a feminist and I can defend it.

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