Two Kinds Analysis, Free Essay in Literature

Published: 2022-03-30
Two Kinds Analysis, Free Essay in Literature
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In the story Two Kinds by Amy Tan, I sympathize with the daughter. Her mother pushes her to become what she wants. The Chinese woman who lost the things she had in China including her children moved to America with her second husband. The mother needs the daughter to be a child parody, and she insists that the girl must find her talent. Initially, the mother wanted her daughter to be an actress like Shirley Temple (Schilb, and John 320). When she found out that her child could not act, she wanted to develop her intellect by asking her questions from the magazine. Lastly, the mother decided that her daughter must have musical talents and she does this by making her play. Piano.

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I sympathize with the daughter because parents should not channel their children to some activities. A parent should give their children the chance of choosing their paths. A child knows best what they want in their lives. They should choose the career that interests the activities that they need. A parent just like Mrs. Woo may choose a career for their child, but it only makes the child unhappy. For instance, in Two Kinds, Jing-mei told her mother "You want me to be something that I'm not!" I sobbed. " I'll never be the kind of daughter you want me to be!" when she was forcing her to go play piano (Schilb, and John 325).

Some parents can push their children too much. They do this because they want their children to be what they want. Jing-mei believed that one could be anything he or she wanted to be while in America. It is because of this that she wanted her child to be famous. However, no matter the mother puts effort into making her daughter's prodigy, the girl does not have the inclination or talent to it. She does not have the characteristics of being an actress or excelling in any test. Pushing the daughter too much made the girl to tell the mother that there are only two kinds of daughters, "Those who are obedient and those who follow their mind! Only one kind of daughter can live in this house. Obedient daughter!" (Schilb, and John 325). It is the pressure that was mounted on her that made the daughter tell her mother these words.

It is significant for parents to encourage their children to aspire towards what they would like to be and have different options in which they can choose from. Through this, a child can get a satisfying career or talent. A child should choose something that he or she enjoys doing. In the Two Kinds, Jing-mei did not appreciate anything her mother pushed her to do. She even told the mother that she wished she was not her daughter and she was not her mother (Schilb, and John 326). However, if children are given the chance of choosing what they want to do, then they will not complain about the job being tiring or unpleasant.

In conclusion, young individuals should be given the chance of making their own decisions. The reason is that it will make them live with the consequences that come with them. After all, human beings are prone to mistakes. If the mother had not pushed her daughter to become what she wants then the girl could have found what she likes and enjoys that would also make her famous as the parents wanted.

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