Essay Example on Abortion as Practiced in Society

Published: 2022-12-20
Essay Example on Abortion as Practiced in Society
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Abortion otherwise termed as termination of pregnancy refers to the ending of pregnancy to ensure no actual childbirth takes place. (, 2019) The reason to undertake the risky procedure usually comes as a personal choice as made by a woman after close consideration on the impact it may have on her and her medical health. However, it is usually considered professional for one to seek the guidance of a proper medic practicing in the field on what should be done. The professionals usually help provide expert advice on how one should go about the undertaking.

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As such, it is essential that one identifies that there are two types of abortion procedures. First is the medical abortion. This entails a pregnant woman swallowing an abortion pill. The pill will be in effect in about ten weeks after which actual abortion occurs. It is thought that this abortion is almost a native process that the body should cope with. The other type of abortion is surgical abortion. Here, as the name suggests, it involves administering of a minor procedure to trigger the abortion process. This may otherwise be achieved through vacuum aspiration which is usually done in about fifteen weeks, or via evacuation after dilation happens. This is usually done in the period well between fifteen and twenty-four weeks. More is to be discussed below.

First, it should be put that the choice to carry out an abortion usually comes as a result of well-calculated decision making. This comes after close consideration of the aftermath which may come as due to the risks involved in the procedure. For instance, for the medical abortion option, one may choose to undertake the procedure as a result of medical conditions that otherwise threaten the state of the current pregnancy. In choosing such an option, several possible risks are associated and become a real possibility. First may be the lengthy periods of continuous blood flow after an operation. This is normal as a result of the nature of the procedure. However, one should be keen to be well involved and have sufficient knowledge of the undertaking. The second risk as associated with medical abortion is the need for one to face the surgical knife after incomplete abortion occurs whilst administering a medical abortion. The third risk is the high possibility of contacting infections during the abortion process. This may otherwise trigger reactions that may result in fever and related symptoms. The final risk associated with this choice of procedure is the discomfort noted along the alimentary canal during the period of the process occurrence.

Still discussing along these lines of abortion, it is essential that we outline better how some of these medical procedures work. This will go a long way in helping people understand clearly what is what when is making a choice on abortion. For the case where abortion pills are to be administered, one should be keen to identify with the following in the pills; misoprostol and mifepristone compounds. The initial pill to be administered, usually, contains the mifepristone compound. This compound otherwise helps slow down progesterone process. This is achieved by limiting the production of the progesterone hormone otherwise needed for the process for growth of the pregnancy. The second pill to be administered contains the misoprostol compound that is responsible for the tearing of the uterine walls and muscles hence the crumping experienced in the process. It is usually taken after a period of about two days. Most people would rather give the pill a chance due to its nature of effectiveness across various cases as administered. More still, it is usually advisable that one takes the abortion pill in a period dated ten weeks since one last hard their monthly periods. (, 2019)

Elsewhere, should it happen that it has been well over ten weeks since one last experienced her periods and she opts to carry out an abortion, then she ought to seek in clinic services rendered by experienced medics? This has been quite advocated for should the lady trade along such characteristics. The in-clinic abortion rather consists of the vacuum aspiration as preferred and the dilation and evacuation procedures. The first incorporates the use of suction to clear one's womb. It is usually done in two weeks or thereabout. It should be noted that in clinic abortions are the more effectiveof the two as outlined above. Rare cases of repeated procedures have been quoted. (, 2019)

With all this stated, it somewhat doesn't come as a surprise that about eleven percent of maternal deaths come as a result of practicing unsafe abortion. This is as adversely seen in most developing countries where unsafe abortions are inevitable in the daily order. It is estimated that about four or five women die by the hour with a further eight million settling to experience related complications. As such, it is of essence that any country works to do away with abortion and still be able to provide appropriate post-abortion care in cases where complications have been registered. Also, respective governments should provide havens for safe abortion. This will go a long way in ensuring that women dodge unsafe abortions and other related practices. More so, in bids to do away with abortions, anti-unsafe abortion campaigns can be established. This campaigns will aim at reducing the abortion numbers. This will be achieved by making the targeted audience see less need for abortion or much rather provide fewer incentives to services that ensure availability of abortion options. (Aarons, 2006)

Proclaiming lesser need to carry out abortions is somehow thought to go a long way in reducing cases of unsafe abortions. This is because most reasons associated with early pregnancies are usually unintended. As such, there exist various mechanisms that may be put in place to control unintended pregnancies. This ranges from provisions for ease of access of contraceptives to various persons to providing awareness on sex education across different sex groups. Also, governments and related health institutions should consider the provision of insurance cover as required for family planning procedures. Women should not be subdued to seeing the process of child care as not manageable, thus resorting to abortions. In this manner, the government should find ways to provide assistance be it financial or health wise to ensure the process be a success. Educative programs that school folks on birth control should be extensively put to use. This will go a long way in keeping contraceptives a norm in society rather than outlining it as religious dogma. A suggestion put up for discussion is that males be provided with birth control by puberty but otherwise only if their guardians approve of this. In doing this, it is claimed that most if not all the abortion cases will be dodged. Related programs should also advocate for abstinence and self-control as to be practiced by both genders.

While reaching out to the target market on demerits associated with abortion, all activists involved should strive to explain what abortion is and outline the various impacts it has on the woman involved. In doing this, they ought to be keen to follow all principles of teamwork in their undertaking in awareness creation. These principles require that the communication channel should be kept active and open to all ends. This will go away in relaying holistic information as sourced from different individual personnel. Also, it is through this that the target audience can seek clarification on issues they thought to be unclear. All learning is known to be an interactive process and by maintaining this nature as it is, knowledge can easily flow from person to another with ease.

The teamwork principles outline that teams ought to be clinical when target setting and outlining objective heights attained. (Workspirited, 2019) Objectives to reaching out as the intended need to be well outlined and understood by team members. Teams ought to be extensively viewed as entities and the purpose for reaching out to masses on the evils of abortion ought to be well instilled in individual persons of the team. This will go a long way in outlining the responsibilities of team members.

The third teamwork principle is that which banks on the willingness of team members to learn from each other. (Workspirited, 2019) As such, no individual should deem himself too superior to his fellows; this is well applicable for the target audience too. This helps keep a healthy working environment as the team seeks to reach out to the community at large. Being open to learning opens the channel for information sharing, hence awareness creation can be attained.

The fourth of the principles of good teamwork is that which outlines the need for rewarding and recognizing team members who outdo themselves. (Workspirited, 2019) This is key in keeping stakeholders motivated. Recognized members will feel proud to be associated with the process while other stakeholders and the target audience alike will be keen to listen and do as required so as to be awarded too. For instance, once a community is congratulated on how effectively it has handled abortion claims, all neighboring communities will be keen to emulate their counterparts.

Another principle to be considered ultimately is the proper organization and planning of events. (Workspirited, 2019) In bids to reach out to the general public on abortion, activists and related health organizations should plan on such activities, accordingly, prior to their occurrence. This will be judged based on the nature of the reconnaissance done on the community to be reached out. Relevant statistical data on the community to be addressed needs to be well sourced whilst being keen to understand the customary practices of the community. This will prove essential since the activists will thus be well knowledgeable on the community in question while still being able to respect the people's cultures as required ethically. Specific needs that pertain to certain communities along abortion lines can be well addressed in so doing.

Last of the principles runs around the need for the existence of healthy competition as they seek to reach out to their target audience. (Workspirited, 2019) Such competition for instance when explaining about abortion can result in the target audience obtaining a wide range of reliable knowledge required for application as team members competitively relay it to them. This will make the process even much more worthwhile.

However, inquests to contain abortion, activists need to outline facilities and hotlines to where cases related to abortion should be reported. Awareness campaigns can be achieved through roadshows to affected communities and general advertisements abortion and related risks. For advertisements, activists can form platforms on social media to discuss abortion. They may also employ the use of other communication media such as television advertising, radio advertising, print media adverts and billboard advertising in various towns to relay their message on abortion as it is in society. Reaching out through social programs and awareness campaigns such as those conducted in church settings and community service programs are essential in evaluating cultures that perpetuate abortion acts.

Also key is that children are schooled on the same. This ought to be included in their curriculum. Children should be well educated on the causes of early and undesired pregnancies. In school, healthy dating tips can be induced to them so as to bring transparency to the boy-girl relationships. Science classes can outline their state of reproductive health thus giving them insight on their sexuality.

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