Free Essay: What Is a Homegrown Violent Extremist?

Published: 2023-04-10
Free Essay: What Is a Homegrown Violent Extremist?
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This is an individual from any foreign country residing and operating their livelihood in the United States or its territories. They support, advocate for, and engage in terrorism to achieve terrorist organization objectives, by directly or indirectly involving themselves in such activities. United States intelligence considers them foreign intelligence threats under the authorities of the nation's intelligence organizations and domestic public safety entities.

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How are homegrown violent extremists possibly radicalized?

To successfully radicalize of Homegrown extremists the following models best suit intelligence groupings of the United States. First is the New York Police Department's (NYPD) Path to Radicalization use organization hierarchy involves Pre-Radicalization followed by Self-Identification. The two are the top most positions then Indoctrination comes third later on the Jihad (Silbert & Bhatt, 2007) The second model involves the psychological approach called the Moghaddam. The approach also known as the Moghadam's Staircase shows a hierarchical staircase starting from Not Fair judgment the next stage includes looking for a solution which leads to scapegoating then indoctrination. Later the model provides that there should be a process of recruitment and solidarity then the recruited people groomed, selected and equipped for war (Moghaddam, 2005)

On the ground floor of the staircase Not fair is a Psychological interpretation of Material Conditions. Homegrown violent extremists feel government policies are not appropriate to them; they feel deprived, oppressed, and disgruntled. The extremist on the first-floor starts looking for solutions and perceived options to fight unfair treatment. They will keep climbing if they cannot influence. They will begin scapegoating, which is the displacement of aggression on the second floor. They will have a feeling of anger and frustration, and leaders displace the anger onto an enemy. Then they will Indoctrinate to the terrorism morality on the third floor of the case. Therefore, recruitment follows that there is solidification process where thinking categorically and legitimacy perceived to be viable with the terrorist organization on the fourth floor. On the fifth floor, the grooming and selection process occurs. Later on there is training and provision of sophisticate weaponry for the terrorist act and sidestepping.

What limitations are placed on the govt to thwart propaganda?

Some of the behaviors could indicate someone is radicalizing. However, the challenge is whether a specific pattern of actions leads to mobilization or not. In some cases, being radical, or indicators of being progressive, are often constitutionally-protected behaviors, which gives law enforcement difficulty in deciding when to intervene. Terrorism overlaps with existing criminal activity. Defining what we are dealing with helps to create counter-terrorism techniques.

One the major limitations of what the twelve international legal documents contained of was that there was no foreign individual was able to monitor the formulation and implementation of those protocols and conventions. There were no viable enforcement criteria to give the provisions international legal document the mandate. However, the perception changed with the United Nations Security Council Recommendations of 1373, which the Council endorsed on the 28th February, 2001, under Chapter Seven of the Charter. This resolution, becomes one of the most fiercely adopted in the US history by the United Nations.' These far-reaching recommendations are strengthening the international regime against extreme terrorist activities. Most of these provisions based on the opinion that perpetrators of terrorism activities are extremely dangerous, and the they must either face trial extradition to a country that is willing to correct them through legal means.

Speculate a recommendation on how govt should counter-terrorism propaganda through social networks and social media based on your understanding of social media citing sources, e.g., NCTC from the course material Then justify your recommendation

Governments can counter-terrorism advertisement through social media by putting in place policies that can track and regulate the possibility of the exchange of videos and any content promoting terrorism in social media. These policies can be globalized for international terrorists to minimize loopholes.

Victory against terrorism will not occur prevail as a single day activity. It will not have the mark points of the likes of the surrender festivities on the deck of the United State's Missouri State that saw the end of World War II. Victory, therefore, will come only as when the United States and the international community maintain their energy on vigilance and work hard to prevent terrorist activities within the mandated jurisdictions

Political violence may cause social epidemic effect to the human life therefore, we cannot accept any terrorist activities which seek to explore the powers of technology to threaten the idea of civilized societies. The war against terrorism, is not some "clash of modernization"; instead, it is a clash between civilization and the people against the idea. Given these ideologies, we must be patient until the United States and her friends or allies, eliminates terrorism completely. As our enemies explore the benefits of our international environment to operate around the world, our approach must be coherent as well. Some battlefields should already be known, others unknown. The campaign ahead will be long and tiresome. In this different kind of antagonism, we cannot expect any simple or defined end to of the entire situation but National Strategy reflects the real situation that success only comes through the steadfast and sustained systematic application of all the angles of national power, economic, and diplomatic information, financials, law enforcement, intelligence, and military intelligence simultaneously across the territories.

We will have to win the war of ideologies and eradicate the underlying conditions that promote the despair and divisions of political change that lead people to popularize and embrace, rather than shun terrorists. Throughout, we will use all the means to defend against terrorism in the United States and around the globe. This strategy relies upon how genuine, innovative, and strong the American people will b and we will rally other people to this common and worthy cause. We will not only develop a diverse and powerful coalition tpo deal with terrorism today but work with our international partners to build lasting solutions for managing terrorism.


We understand that we have no choice but to withdraw our engagements with the world because, in this era of globalization, the world will engage us regardless of our position with international relations. The choice is really about what kind of world we want to stay. In managing this war, therefore, we will be equally participating fully in maintaining our commitment to our objective. The winning of war against terror is a worthy and necessary goal. However, ridding the world of terror is essential to a broader purpose of human life anywhere in the world.


Moghaddam, F. M. (2005). The staircase to terrorism: A psychological exploration. American psychologist, 60(2), 161.

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