Essay Sample: Congress Launches Caucus on AI

Published: 2022-05-03
Essay Sample: Congress Launches Caucus on AI
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Recently, leaders of Congress made an announcement regarding the formation of the Congressional Artificial Intelligence Caucus which will focus on bringing together specialists from government, academics and the private sector with the sole purpose of keeping policymakers informed of the economic, social and most importantly, the technological impacts of artificial intelligence (AI) advances. The Congressional Artificial Intelligence Caucus will be bipartisan and have its chairmanship held by two Congressmen, John Delaney and Pete Olson. This serves as one of the key initiatives by Congress in its efforts to pursue the objectives of artificial intelligence policy. The "future" of AI Act (H.R. 4625) was introduced by Rep. Delaney which was later followed by the introduction of a bill (H.R. 5356) by Rep. Elise Stefanik which led to the creation of the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence. EPIC initiated a global campaign for Algorithmic Transparency in 2015. EPIC is a Washington-based research center for public interest and mainly focuses public attention on issues of civil liberties and other emerging privacy matters. The body also plays a significant role in the protection of democratic values, freedom of expression and privacy. EPIC has issued Congress with a warning about the increased number of unaccountable and opaque techniques involved in automated decision making.

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The bipartisan AI Caucus will ensure that the United States fully gains from the rapid innovation that is happening in the world of AI. With the help of experts drawn from different sectors, AI Caucus discusses the most recent technology developments while concentrating on the opportunities and implications that the new changes present for the US. According to Delaney, AI Caucus assures the country that it would prove to be among the next century's paradigm-shifting developments, which bears the potential to give the nation's economy a new face. The Congressman, who is also a co-chair of the AI Caucus, adds that the members have a great responsibility to ensure they proactively anticipate change while working on smart policies that would help ensure that the US gains maximally from change when it occurs. Thus, the AI Caucus works towards becoming future-focused in relation to policymaking. Further, the AI caucus is said to have the potential to become a strong transformational force in the country although some concerns have been raised in connection with the disruption that the resulting transformations could have on current jobs in America.

The Congressional AI Caucus is currently playing a key role in informing Congress members on a majority of the central issues that should be addressed. This has been clear from the fact that the two chairmen, Delaney and Olson, have published highly informative pieces on Artificial Intelligence. These works include; "It's Time for Washington to Start Working on Artificial Intelligence" and "Education before Regulation". In recent times, the Caucus has sponsored a Bill to help in the creation of further understating and promotion of AI development with the aim of driving economic opportunities. Based on the benefits that the Bill has to offer, the AI Caucus is looking forward to its enactment into law. Additionally, the AI Caucus has some advantages in that it plays a key role in ensuring the sharing of information between and among Congress members while educating them and putting various issues regarding government AI use to perspective, which ensures progress in Congress.

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