Satirical Essay Example on Abortion

Published: 2018-03-04
Satirical Essay Example on Abortion
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The issue of abortion has dominated numerous debates with both sides often engaging each other with facts as to why it should or should not be banned. Abortion debates aim to reveal the rights and wrongs that are associated with the practice and answer the main puzzle against the practice, whether it is right or wrong. Too much emotions are involved in this burning issue since it involves two lives, that of the mother and the baby. The majority of women and men find this topic to be quite painful because young lives are often terminated, and whether the circumstances around each particular case make it moral or immoral. Numerous satirical statements touch on this sensitive topic, and some of them will be highlighted in the discussion.

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"Is abortion wrong?" This is a puzzle that many people ask whenever they hear the word abortion. Based on the biblical perspective, abortion is immoral and against the will of God. No one has the right to end another person's life despite the circumstance, thus; people who support the act go against God's will and are considered as murderers. In critical thinking, is abortion wrong in the case where the pregnancy complicates the life of the mother and the mother risks death? This is a weighty question that should always be brought forth in every discussion that touches on the matter because both lives are equally important.

It is unethical for a medical practitioner to allow an innocent woman to die simply because they are trying to save the life of an unborn baby (Duffin, pg.9). In another perspective, the expectant mother is more productive than the baby, thus; she deserves to live even if it means losing the complex pregnancy. Hence, people should always consider this fact as it helps to justify certain cases of abortion because no man in the world will allow his wife to die and have to raise an infant alone in the quest to avoid abortion. It is entirely satirical that despite the fact that we know that God does not allow abortion, at times we have to employ moral ethics to make excellent decisions since two lives are at stake. Thus, it is right to say that abortion is only wrong if it is done without any substantial reason. We need to consider both sides first, whether the abortion conducted is less wrong than the available alternatives.

It is however quite funny that some men and women have made the practice of abortion their normal routines simply because they do not want to bear responsibilities while some are praying tirelessly to be blessed with babies. Intentional abortion is extremely wrong and should be treated as murder; we cannot have a society that supports the killing of silent victims who cannot fight for their rights. Most abortions are conducted secretly at secluded places that do not have adequate and proper equipment for the complex procedure, hence; the majority of these cases result in double tragedies (Darney, pg.319). The mother passes on later after undergoing illegal operations while the unborn child's life is also lost, and someone needs to wake up and smell the coffee before it is too late. Someone must be accountable for these numerous unreported deaths that are logically deliberate killings of innocent humans. If a woman does not want to raise a baby, there are many other alternatives such as lining them up for adoption, or even take them to child care facilities but killing them is not an option. If they realized how many presidents they abort every day, they would suddenly become anti-abortion activists.

The other many issues touching on the sensitive topic are whether the foetus is a separate being from its mother, Is a foetus a real human being? Does the foetus’s life have rights to prevent the mother from doing whatever she wants to do with her body? To explain these questions, a foetus is a separate human being, and it deserves every right that humans enjoy. The only difference between us and it is that we have experienced the environment outside the womb, thus; let us not disrespect these important unborn members of the society for they might play significant roles in our lives in future (Maxine, pg.1). As a society, we cannot stand and tolerate people who mistreat future presidents, doctors, teachers, and even mothers. As the owner of a house has no say to it when he/she rents it to a tenant except when the tenant breaches the agreement, a woman has no right to kick her womb tenant out for whatever reasons unless the baby endangers her life. Kicking the wombs do not endanger the mother’s womb, hence; let no woman justify abortion by using this excuse since the fact that the foetus lives in a woman’s womb do not give the woman a right to destroy it.

There are numerous interesting facts about abortion, especially; in the US where the population supporting abortion has experienced a gradual growth. Currently, about 59% of the adults propose that abortion should be legalized while 37% are against the vice (Lipka & Gramlich, pg.1). These statistics raise an alarm as to whether the gradual growth in support for abortion is perpetuated by the high population of people engaging in unsafe sexual encounters. It is evident that the majority supporters of abortion are mostly young adults that are quite sexually active but are not ready to take care of their responsibilities. These are the people destroying our important future individuals and are actively fighting for the permission to continue with their inhumane acts. Their objectives should be stopped before they abort baby Jesus while we are still waiting for his second coming.

There is a great divide on matters abortion between the democrats and the republicans, about 89% of the Democrats' population support that abortion should be legal while 90% of the Republicans vouch against the legalization of the practice (Lipka & Gramlich, pg.1). It is quite humorous that these two groups never agree on anything, it is either they are pulling each other's neck on sensitive matters or making life difficult for the other. It is also quite unfortunate that the Democrats are supporting an act that even God forbids in their quest to win the supremacy battle against the Republicans. The issue of abortion legalization has also been made difficult since most people do not understand the persecutions that come with abortion, hence; there is a rapid increase in abortion-related deaths since most people seek these essential services at all the wrong places. Legalization of abortion only when the practice is necessary will be significant in saving lives, but there should be strict regulation to ensure that people do not misuse the privilege and terminate innocent lives.

There are many ways of preventing abortion such as curbing the increasing cases of unwanted pregnancies in schools. One of these ways is supplying contraceptives and condoms at high schools where there are rampant cases of abortion-related deaths. As the wise men said, it is more appropriate to prevent a tragedy than preparing to deal with its aftermath, and since high school kids are sexually active, we should ensure that they practice safe sex whenever they have to. Young women who experience unwanted pregnancies should be encouraged to give birth and place their children under foster care rather than risking their lives in the process of abortion (Maxine, pg.1). These strategies will be significant in minimizing the victimization against the silent victims and help to uplift moral standards in the society. However, there should be a legal permission to grant the practice in the cases where it is considered more right than wrong to help save innocent women from preventable deaths.

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