What Does it Mean to be a Feminist Today? Essay Sample

Published: 2022-04-27
What Does it Mean to be a Feminist Today? Essay Sample
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Before you can consider what it means to be a feminist today, you must ask yourself what a feminist is? When I asked people that question, I had received a wide variety of answers. Some people said "someone who stands up for women's rights." others said, "someone who understands we are all equal (Rakow, Lana F., ed, 2015 vol. 10)." I even had some people say " a person who does not wax or shave." In the dictionary, a feminist is defined as someone who advocates for social rights, political inclusivity, legal fairness, and economic rights for women equal to those of men. (Merriam Dictionary) Feminism has evolved and changed so much since it was first created. Over the years, women or the female gender have been termed as inferior in the society. This aspect has been portrayed in various aspects including job opportunities, general treatment, and in societal treatment. Unfair treatment of women has reached significant levels, and it would be wise to address this issue. Every individual need to be treated equally, regardless of their gender orientation. Globally, there has been a push for equality in the society in many forms. This paper aims at exploring the various factors and aspects surrounding feminism as well as the prospects regarding the same. Likewise, findings from this paper will increase our insight on feminism and the respective elements surrounding it. There is a significant need to address this issue since the world at large is progressing towards the attainment of the sustainable achievable goals. It is imperative, especially since in the modern world there needs to be equality and fair treatment of all people. Feminism has been the talk of the day in the contemporary world. Majority of the population has been on the front to speak about the rights of women and the necessary strategies that can be put in place to ensure all people are treated equally.

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As earlier mentioned, there needs to be awareness creation concerning feminism and all the prospects involved. This paper aims at developing insight on what it takes to be a feminist, the pros, and cons involved in the same.

The ideal definition of a feminist is a person who is vigor in the fight of the rights of women or in other words an individual who is passionate in advocating for the rights and opportunities of the female gender. For many years, the male gender has been dominant in the variable of the sectors of the economy. Majority of the population has to be aware of the feminist culture and what it entails to be one. Generally speaking, the emerging growth in this kind of lifestyle is attributable to the evolution of the world and the business aspects. Knowing what it takes to be a feminist is essential to all of us as it will not only help us identify one but also appreciate their roles in the society (Robinson, Fiona, 2011) . As earlier mentioned in the introduction, this group of individuals is usually on the forefront in fighting for the rights of women as well as protecting them from the consistent male dominance in the community. Therefore, this paper will mostly dwell on the factors promoting feminist culture together with the contemporary issues surrounding it.

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